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Abu Darwish Mosque - Amman Jordan

Abu Darwish Mosque is one of the most striking mosques you will ever come across. Located on top of Jabal Ashfiyyah, the highest point in Amman, it offers spectacular views of the city during sunset. This mosque has a unique black and white checkered pattern on the outside walls, the minaret and the dome, which makes it hard to miss.



When the Circassians arrived in 1878, Amman was merely an empty landscape where only the ruins of a vanished empire remained. Having been forced to flee from their homeland due to the Russian invasions, the Circassians made this place their new home. Their community was small but wealthy and as a mark of their identity, they established the Abu Darwish Mosque in 1961.


Spread across an area of 2,500 square meters, the mosque has two halls for prayer. The larger one accommodates around 2000 people, while the smaller one has a capacity for 500 worshippers. There are total 6 domes and a 36 meter tall minaret. A library is also situated within the premises along with a small school for teaching the Holy Koran.


Information for travelers
There are several hotels located around this mosque as it is a common tourist spot. However, non-Muslims are rarely allowed entry.  

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