Flic en Flac Beach

Flic en Flac Beach

  • Riviere Noire
  • Mauritius
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Flic en Flac Beach, Riviere Noire Overview

Mauritius is famous for its unending sceneries that bestowed with greenery and ambience. Mauritius although being small island country, is the hub of the natural beauty that is rarest of rare in the planet. Places like beaches are the prime ones that drags the visitors not only once but twice, thrice, and many more times. Especially beaches like Flic en Flac beach are the primmest attractions for the tourists and explorers. Flic en Flac beach: an Intro Flic en Flac beach is located in Port Louis i.e. on the western coast of Mauritius. This beach got its name from a Dutch phrase and the name means a free and flat land. Flic en Flac beach is situated near a fishing village and inland there is a vast tract green cane fields. You can see people fishing and laboring hard to make their livelihood; is an unforgettable soothing experience. Flic en Flac Beach: Accommodation & Fun The beach has various hotels along with casinos and thus one will never be short of fun. The night time is the best period to experience the beauty of the beach. Flic en Flac beach offers various water activities like swimming, diving, fishing etc. Flic en Flac beach is said to be the star of Mauritius and any visitor coming to the place never misses out the Flic en Flac beach. No doubt, why few say that Mauritius is incomplete without Flic en Flac beach!

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