Mandalay Palace

Mandalay Palace

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Mandalay Palace, Mandalay Overview

The formal name of Mandalay Palace is Mya Nan San Kyaw, which means the Famed Royal Emerald Palace. It is popularly known as the Great Golden Royal Palace.


The master plan of this palace was constructed as part of the King Mindon’s discovery of Mandalay in 1857. It consists of 144 squares block grid patterned city. There are total twelve gates, which represents the zodiac signs. To cross the moat, the citadel has five bridges. The British government plundered the palace and some of the artefacts, which are still on display at Victoria and Albert museum in London. After World War II, reconstruction of palace began in 1989, commenced by the Department of Archaeology.


The walls are constructed with the common Burmese bricks that are set in mud mortar. The mortar is surrounded around the walls with the distance of about 18m. The five original bridges of moat are similar in designs.

Palace Grounds

Clock Tower

is a simple building, which is inside the palace. On top of its pillar is a wooden platform surmounted by a double roof. It acts as a clock to the city by giving a gong sound on regular intervals.

Relic Tower

is located at the south of the Clock Tower. The only entrance to the terrace of relic tower is on the west that faces the flight of stairs. The walls and roofs of the relic chamber are embellished with graceful plaster carvings. There is no special purpose behind the construction of Clock Tower.


is the Supreme Court where the official business of court was conducted. The chief throne of an Emperor is the Lion Throne.

There are three more palace grounds such as Royal mausoleums, Royal Mint and Watch tower, which contains beautiful architectural designs and historic backgrounds.

On the palace platform

Great Audience Hall

is constructed with a special eye to external effect. The angle shows the stylized peacock that shows the emblem of royalty. One can find the same peacock everywhere at the points of the gambles forming a hip knob with the pendant below.

Lion Throne Room

is one of the chief thrones out of other eight thrones. Due to which the lion throne is more elaborated in terms of sculptures and finishing. Only King is allowed to sit on the throne, if anybody else sits on the throne then it was considered as treason.

Glass Palace

is the largest and regarded as one of the most beautiful apartments in the palace. Just like all the throne rooms, this room is also divided into two rooms. Different rooms have different figures, which was used for different purposes in earlier times.

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