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Wonderland Armenia and Nagorny Karabagh

Package Duration
14 Days / 13 Nights
Destination Covered

  • Day 1 : Yerevan city tour

    Description :

    Pick up from Zvartnots International Airport
    Transfer to hotel or apartment in Yerevan
    Walking introduction city-tour (City centre-Republic Square,
    Cultural centre-Opera house, city centre streets, Victory Park with the statue of Mother Armenia e.t.c.)
    Yerevan-Yerevan is one of the oldest countries of the world. It was founded in 782 B.C. The word means which comes from Bible. Yerevan is mixture of old and new and here are a lot of sights and museums worth visiting. The city is full of various attractions as well.
    Dinner in an Armenian national restaurant
    Overnight in Yerevan

    Day 2 : Echmiadzin-Zvartnots-Sardarapat-Metsamor

    Description :

    Echmiadzin- one of the first Christian churches of the world. Visit to Echmiadzin Mother Cathedral (built in 301 A.D ) is a must for all Christians. Visiting here you’ll get acquainted with the adoption of Christianity in Armenia- the first Christian country of the world.
    This is the only 7 domed church of Armenia and Holy Seat of
    all the Armenians. Here you’ll have a opportunity to visit three
    churches :Mother Cathedral of Echmiadzin, St. Hripsime
    and St. Gayane churches. St. Hripsime is a unique church
    included in the list of UNESCO. This is the first
    cupola-domed church of worldwide architecture built in 618.
    St. Gayane was built in the 7th c.
    Zvartnots temple-the ruins of the
    7th century Zvartnots temple < Temple of angels> is worth visiting and admiring the architectural talent of ancient Armenians.

    Sardarapat-Due to this memorial complex (devoted to Bash-Aparan battle in 1918) the Armenians didn’t lose their religion and country and now days have their place under the Sun. Visiting this complex you’ll get acquainted with the eternal and unbelievable history of Armenia. Here you’ll visit to Ethnological museum of Armenia where you’ll see a special performance introducing some of Armenian national dishes and tools.
    Metsamor-This is one of the ancient settlements of Armenian nation, dating back to Stone age, Bronze age, Iron age and middle age. The investigation has proved that in Early Bronze Age (4-3 millennium B.C.) Metsamor was a cradle of civilization. Almost 22 000 objects which were discovered during the investigations are shown in the museum which is situated next to the ruins of the settlement.
    Breakfast in the hotel
    Lunch-package in Sardarapat yard
    Overnight in Yerevan

    Day 3 : Xor Virap-Noravank-Areni wine factory-Jermuk

    Description :

    Xor Virap -this is the church where Grigor the
    Illuminator stayed 13 years without any food and proved that
    Christianity is a very powerful religion. After it the Armenians adopted Christianity by Grigor the Illuminator. From here opens the
    wonderful view of the Armenian pride-Mt.Ararat. It dates back to
    the 13th c.
    Areni wine factory-Armenia is famouse as a wine making country and
    the first grape vine was planted in Armenia by Noah after the Great Flood
    Noravank -Visiting Noravank church complex you’ll appear in wonderland
    as the church- complex is situated on the top of the rocks and is surrounded
    with the miracle rocks and cliffs that change their color depending on the
    Sun rays and weather. This complex dates back from 12th-13th c.
    Jermuk-Welcome to one of the most picturesque resort areas of
    Armenia, famous for its hot mineral springs and picturesque
    gorge. It is 173 km south-east to Yerevan. A small roadside will
    bring you to a picturesque waterfall. Armenian world wide famous
    mineral water is gained from these springs. Be sure you’ll
    not get sick and tired of the long road, as the way will admire
    you with its unique nature which changes after each meter. Here is
    a special medical resort area where you’ll discover your illness and remedies to treat it. It has a lot of parks and forested areas. The chemical content of the Jermuk mineral water is very close to the famous Karlovy Vary water in Czech Republic.
    Breakfast in the hotel

    Day 4 : Sisavan -Tatev-Xndzoresk-Nagorny Karabagh

    Description :

    Sisavan church-St.Grigor church of Sisian was built at the end of the 6th century. Inside the church by microscope you will see Armenian alphabet, Bible and the church carved on a piece of hair with three lays.
    Tatev -The monastery of Tatev is situated in the territory of Goris
    in Syunik region. This is one of the richest monarchial
    complexes of Medieval Armenia. The profitable strategic
    position and inaccessibility created suitable conditions to
    construct strong buildings and ramparts in defiance of the
    complex. This complex consists of several churches, living
    rooms, oil-making reservoir and buildings of economic
    importance. The stick or swinging column of the monastery
    is of great interest. It is 6 m high and by the strides of the detachment it moved and warned the monks about the danger. Here is the longest rope-way of the world.
    Xndzoresq-This is a cave village. Since the slopes have no flat spaces fit for building, the people have dug terraces in the rocks in such way that the roof of the lower house served as the courtyard floor for the one above it. The tomb of Mkhitar Sparapet, a confederate of David Bek is here. Presently the Old Xndoresk possesses the status of a historical landmark under public protection.
    Nagorny Karabagh(Artsax) –Every Armenian feels proud and gets excited of happiness when he enters his historical land Artsax. For the citizens of Armenia the entrance is free, but the foreigners need visa for entrance, which they can get in Yerevan or in the border. Now days it is quite a safe and wonderful place for traveling. The people of Karabagh are very hospitable, and proud of their origin. The area is rich with wonderful architectural, natural and historical places. Here you will have a chance to visit a lot of historical places.

    Day 5 : Stepanakert-Shushi-Gandzasar-Ancient tree-Amaras monastery

    Description :

    City tour of Stepanakert-Stepanakert is the capital of Nagorny Karabagh and here are many parks, museums and markets, some of which you will visit.
    Shusi church-The cultural capital of Artsakh- Shoushi is considered to be the the most ancient spiritual and cultural center of the Caucasus. The city is
    known for its strong fortress and different historical places of interest. A mosque of 18 century and St. Ghazanchetsots church is situated here. Due to Shushi battle Armenian land Artsax is reachable for the Armenians.

    Gandzasar-Gandzasar has its particular
    place in the rows of Artsax monuments. It is considered to be one of
    the gems of Armenian medieval architecture. It consists of church, hall,
    friary cabins and other economic buildings. The part of the main
    church architectural ornaments are the high-relieves of the domes
    polygonal drum. The monastery is built on a woody hill named
    Gandzasar from which heritages its name.
    Ancient tree-This is one of the most ancient trees of the world. It has more
    then three thousand years history and its roots are very impressive. The admiration of this tree is in that fact, that its is open and 20 people can enter inside the tree at the same time.
    Amaras monastery-This monastery was built in the 4th c and this is the first place where Mesrop Mashtots-the creator of Armenian alphabet opened the first school of Armenia.

  • Other Benefits (On Arrival)
    Package Excludes :
    • Air-ticket
    • Airport taxes
    • Insurance
    • All extra fees not included in the tour-package

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