Edifício Copan

Edifício Copan

  • Sao Paulo
  • Brazil
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  • Height 459 ft.
  • Established 1961
  • Area 10572.80 m2

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Edifício Copan, Sao Paulo Overview

Edificio  Copan is known to be the most populated residential building in the world and holds a record in Guinness Book of being the largest building constructed in Brazil. The building covers 10572.80 m2 of area and serves as home to 70 business and establishments including a church, a travel agency, 4 luscious restaurants and a bookstore.

The name of Edificio Copan is said to be inspired by the famous Copan Mayan Temple in Honduras. The grand Edificio  Copan homes more than 5000 residents and has been given its own zip code by Sao Paulo city hall because of its huge number of inhabitants.


The S-shaped building has become one of the most famous places of tourist attraction in Sao Paulo. Edificio Copan has 38 floors and stands 459 feet tall. More than 100 employees have been appointed inside the Building to serve residents and to conduct maintenance. Building was originally built with a helipad which isn’t used any longer. Edificio  Copan was constructed in 1950 and was designed by the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer’s office in Sao Paulo, who himself is responsible for its attractive S-shaped façade.


Distance From State of Sao Paulo- 2.4 Kilometers

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