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Baba Reshi Shrine - Gulmarg India

Baba Reshi Shrine is a historical shrine in the district of Baramulla in J&K. It was built in the late 14th century in the Persian style of architecture during the Mughal rule in India. This shrine is the tomb of the Sufi saint, Baba Payam-Ud-Din Reshi. It is frequented on a huge scale by the Muslims, especially on the birth & death anniversary of the saint.

It Is Known For:-
1)    Baba Reshi Shrine is a historical shrine in Kashmir. It is the resting place of Payam-Ud-Din Reshi, a Sufi saint.

2)    According to the folklore, Baba Reshi meditated at this place and served the people who were in need.

3)    The shrine is built in the Persian style of architecture. It has a minaret inside the premises where the grave of the saint is located.

4)    The grave is covered with the cloth having embroidery of the Quranic verses.

5)    The birth-death anniversary and the festival of Eid is celebrated here with a great zest.

Best Time To Visit:-
Baba Reshi Shrine attracts millions of visitors from different parts of Kashmir. Though it can be visited during any time of the year, the best time to visit this place is on the occasion of Eid, Ramadan, and birth-death anniversary of Baba Payam-Ud-Din-Reshi.

No entry fee is charged from visitors.

Watch Out!
Pilgrims often offer a chaadar (decorated fabric sheet) on the grave of the saint as a respect. It is said that offering a chaadar pleases the almighty and washes away the troubles immediately.

Reaching There:-
Baba Reshi Shrine is located in Baramulla district and it has a well-established connectivity to the roadways, railways, and airways. This place can be reached easily from anywhere in Kashmir.

Nearest Railway Station:- Baramulla Railway Station
Nearest Airport:- Srinagar Airport

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