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  • Bhubeneshwar temple (Bhubanhill) in Silchar#1
    Bhubeneshwar temple (Bhubanhill)

    Bhubeneshwar Temple or Bhuban Hill temple is a famous Hindu temple in Silchar. The presiding deity of this ancient temple is Lord Shiva. According to ...


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  • Kachari Fort in Silchar#2
    Kachari Fort

    Located in the district of Cachar in Assam, Kachari Fort is a famous tourist site. It lies in Khaspur and was built by Cachari clan during the medieva...


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  • Kancha Kanti Kali Mandir in Silchar#3
    Kancha Kanti Kali Mandir

    Kancha Kanti Kali Mandir is a well-known Hindu temple in Silchar (Assam). As per its name, it enshrines Goddess Kanti Kali. She represents the powers ...


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  • Khaspur in Silchar#4

    Khaspur is a small archaeological site in Silchar. It is an ancient village that belongs to the times of the Dimasa Kingdom. During the rule of the Di...


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  • Maibong in Silchar#5

    Maibong is a picturesque town in the Indian state of Assam. It lies in a hilly region of the state and has beautiful green hillocks everywhere. The mi...


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  • Badarpur Fort in Silchar#6
    Badarpur Fort

    Dating back to the Mughal Era, Badarpur Fort is one of the prominent tourist destinations in Assam. This fort, despite being in a semi-ruined state, h...


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  • Maniharan Tunnel in Silchar#7
    Maniharan Tunnel

    Associated with the times of Lord Krishna, Maniharan Tunnel is a popular tourist attraction in Silchar, Assam. The place is also revered as a holy pla...


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  • Gandhibag Park in Silchar#8
    Gandhibag Park

    Bearing the name of the 'Father of The Nation', Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhibagh Park is a popular garden in Silchar, Assam. It is an appropriate destinatio...


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  • Dolu Lake in Silchar#9
    Dolu Lake

    Situated away from the bustling cities, Dolu Lake is one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Silchar. The beauty of the lake and the serene surroun...


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