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Bell Tower

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Bell Tower, Xian Overview

A symbol of the city Xian, the Bell Tower was built in 1384. Being a stately traditional building, it is well-persevered and maintained.  In the olden days, the tower was used to mark the geographical center of the capital.  Standing on a brick base, the wooden tower is 36 meters high. Numerous large bronze-cast bells are present in the tower. The architecture of the tower is a brilliant example of the Ming style architecture.


The basic construction of the tower includes three layers of eaves with two stories. There is a staircase inside that spirals up. The square base is made of grey bricks and dark green glazed tiles cover the roof. There is mesmerizing gold-plating and gilded color painting on the roof makes the tower simply stunning. . The eaves not only add to the beauty of the tower but also reduce the impact of rain on the structure. During night, lanterns are used to illuminate the tower and thus making it even more memorizing.


The entrance to the tower is through the spacious subway constructed under the tower. The area around the tower is planted with fragrant flowers and grass to create a peaceful environment. Modern shopping malls near the tower symbolize opulence of the city.

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