Double Decker Living Root Bridge

Double Decker Living Root Bridge

  • Cherrapunji
  • Meghalaya
  • India
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Double Decker Living Root Bridge, Cherrapunji Overview

A tourist will be amazed after seeing the formation of the roots like a bridge. This is a common sight in the areas of the Garo & Khasi Hills. The double-decker living root bridges are natural-cum-manmade bridges that are found only on the northeastern side of the country. They are grown in such a manner that the roots of rubber trees form a bridge. Though these bridges are like a usual bridge for the local, they catch the sight of tourist immediately.


It Is Known For:-

1) Double-decker living root bridge is a bridge that involves the growth of the roots of rubber trees in a manner that forms a bridge.


2) Since these bridges are natural, they take a prolonged period of time for a sturdy formation.


3) Due to their thickness and sturdiness, such bridges are considered as safe and people can pass through them easily


Best Time To Visit:-

There is no specific period of time for visiting these bridges. An individual can casually visit these bridges at any moment of time. It is better to avail the service of a local guide as these bridges are located in an area that can confuse the tourists easily.


Reaching There:-

All the villages around the Garo and Khasi Hills are well-connected via major roads and railways. It allows visitors to reach the place conveniently. The local transit can be hired for reaching the double-decker living root bridges.


Nearest Railway Station:- Guwahati Railway Station

Nearest Airport:- Guwahati Airport 

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