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Osmanabad Overview

Osmanabad is a bijou in Indian state of Maharashtra. This place was a part of princely state of Hyderabad and bears the name of Osman Ali, the last Nizam of Hyderabad. Post independence, Osmanabad was integrated in the Indian subcontinent. The historical excavations tell that present day Osmanabad was ruled by the dynasties like Mauryas, Satvahanas, Rashtrakutas, Cholas etc.

Entrenched at a height of 2,142 feet above sea level, Osmanabad is surrounded by small towns nearby its vicinity. The climate of Osmanabad is classified as tropical. The summers, usually, are searing and mercury level touches 38°C on an average whereas the winters are pleasant and average temperature remains 15° C amid season. An ample amount of downpour touches an average of 600 mm during the monsoons.

Osmanabad has various alluring attractions. The ancient Dharashiv Caves that were built in 6th century, Dargah of Khwaja Shamsuddin, Tulja Bhawani Temple and Yedshi Wildlife Sanctuary are prime names in Osmanabad that draw the tourists.

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