Khush Mahal

Khush Mahal

  • Warangal
  • Telangana
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Khush Mahal, Warangal Overview

Constructed in the 16th century, Khush Mahal is an architectural marvel in Warangal. It was constructed under the reign of Shitab Khan. It is the only structure in Warangal that is dedicated to the Tughlaq Dynasty that ruled Delhi for a longer period of time. This structure was used as an audience hall for organizing and hosting events. Till date, it is attracting the visitors and makeing them admire the commendable architecture of this structure, erected during Medieval India.


It Is Known For:-
1) Khush Mahal is known for its historical importance because it is the only structure dedicated to the Tughlaqs of Delhi
2) It is also said that it was built on the architectural site of Kakatiyans demolished by the forces of Shitab Khan
3) After the completion of Khush Mahal, Shitab Khan utilized it as an audience hall for organizing different events in the region
4) Close to this structure, a Swyambhusiva Temple (self-manifested Shiva) was also located. It was also demolished and stands adjacent to Khush Mahal in a semi-ruined state


Best Time To Visit:-
Khush Mahal is one among the remarkable tourist sites in Warangal. People from different places arrive at this place and get themselves clicked. The best time for enjoying a day's itinerary at Khush Mahal is during October-March. It is a pleasant time for seeing Khush Mahal, especially during the daytime.


Reaching There:-
Khush Mahal is located on the northern side of Warangal. It is well-connected via all major roads and railways. Thus, it is hassle-free to reach the place by buses or taxis.


Nearest Railway Station- Warangal Railway Station
Nearest Airport- Hyderabad Airport

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