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  • Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary in Warangal#1
    Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary

    Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the famous tourist attractions in Eturnagaram village, Telangana. Telangana is famous for the wildlife reserv...

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  • Pakhal Lake in Warangal#2
    Pakhal Lake

    Pakhal Lake is calm and a serene tourist spot in Warangal, Telangana. It is a lake that was built back in the 12th century by the King Ganapati Deva o...


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  • Kakatiyan Stepped Well in Warangal#3
    Kakatiyan Stepped Well

    Located in Shivanagar, Kakatiyan Stepped Well is a renowned tourist site in Telangana. It is a monument that is also known by the name of Anthasthula ...


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  • Khush Mahal in Warangal#4
    Khush Mahal

    Constructed in the 16th century, Khush Mahal is an architectural marvel in Warangal. It was constructed under the reign of Shitab Khan. It is the only...


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  • Sri Veernarayana Temple in Warangal#5
    Sri Veernarayana Temple

    Located in the district of Warangal, Sri Veernarayana Temple is an ancient Hindu shrine. It was constructed in the early 11th century and enshrines Sr...


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  • Padmakshi Temple in Warangal#11
    Padmakshi Temple

    Padmakshi Temple, or Padmakshi Gutta Temple, is a famous Hindu temple in the region of Hanamkond in Telangana. It stands amid the oldest temples in Te...


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  • Kakatiya Musical Garden in Warangal#12
    Kakatiya Musical Garden

    Located near the sacred site of Bhadrakali Temple and catching the attention of the onlookers, Kakatiya Musical Garden is an arresting attraction in W...


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  • Ramappa Lake in Warangal#13
    Ramappa Lake

    Ramappa lake is a magnificent example of irrigation work of Kakatiya rulers constructed in 13- century A.D. during Ganapathi dava's time. its water is...


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  • Ekashila Lake & Children Garden in Warangal#14
    Ekashila Lake & Children Garden

    Ekashila Lake is a must-see site in Warangal. It stands among one of the prime tourist places in Warangal and is visited by a numerous visitors on a d...


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  • Bhadrakali Temple in Warangal#15
    Bhadrakali Temple

    Bhadrakali Temple Set on a hilltop between Hanumakonda and Warangal, the Bhadrakali temple is noted for its stone image of the Goddess Kali. She is de...


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