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Tourist Attraction in Whangarei

√ Zion Wildlife Gardens : - Here you can visit the big cats that include both the rare Barbary lion and the royal white tigers.

√ Whangarei Museum and Kiwi House : - A great museum for families and includes the Kiwi House where you can see live kiwi. The house is set in 25 acres of park-like grounds.

√ Bushwacka Experience : - Ride four-wheel-drives on a farm and bush tours. Suitable for children over 12 years of age.

√ Chipmunks Indoor Playground : - A great indoor playground to relax and watch your children play.

√ Bluewater Farm Park : - Your children will enjoy meeting the wonderful farm animals at Bluewater Farm Park.

√ The Papermill : - The Papermill began in 1989 as a project designed to lift the self-esteem of intellectually disabled people. These special papermakers give you the opportunity to watch them work or you can make your own.

Activities :
→ Walking and Hiking : - Whangarei ia home to beautiful bush walks and surprising hiking trails to explore. The Whangarei Falls which happens to be the most photographed location in New Zealand and get enchanted with the 26 meters of waterfall or explore the remains of Parihaka Reserve volcano. Check out the beautiful locales of Whangarei and the harbour. → Diving and Snorkeling : - Test your diving skills at one of the highest and best diving spots in the clear and subtropical water and explore the underwater diversity. → Water sports : - It does not matter in the least if you are not interested in diving. You can still have an equally good time fishing, snorkeling, kayaking or even going for boat cruises. → Natural and Cultural Heritage : - Live a life with the small nature tour and learn about its rich natural and cultural diversity or visit the Kiwi House Heritage Park or visit the nations iconic bird, Kiwi. → Caving : - If you are not afraid of the dark and can muster up enough courage to explore the dark caves, a magical sight of thousands of glow worms and lime stones will be enough to surprise you out of your wits! Team up with a local guide and explore the Waipu caves further south which is more challenging.Best Places to Visit :
    √ Whangarei Museum / Northland Regional Museum

This open-air museum lies 8km west of Whangarei on Highway 14 (the Dargaville road), in the grounds of the Clarke Homestead (established 1885). The nucleus of the museum is the former doctor's house, to which a number of other houses, a schoolhouse and a chapel were later added.

    √ Claphams Clock Museum

The Clapham Clock Museum has a collection of some 800 clocks, the earliest dating from the 17th C. Visitors can listen to the unique chimes and cuckoos as well as learn about the international history of clock making.

    √ Mount Parahaki

On Mount Parahaki (242m) is a large war memorial. From the top of the hill there are fine views of the town and harbor. The hill can be climbed either on foot (from Mair Park; about 1 hour) or by car (on Memorial Drive).

    √ Marsden Point

A prominent landmark in the Whangarei area is the striped tower (120m high) of the former power station on Marsden Point, 30km southeast of Whangarei. In Marsden Point visitor center an audio-visual show illustrates the development of this industrial area and the technology of the refinery.

    √ Poor Knights Islands

24km east of Tutukaka are the Poor Knights Islands, a favorite area for divers. There are cruises and fishing trips to the islands from Whangarei. Other than these, there are various tourist attractions that are located in the surroundings of Whangarei such as Reed Memorial Kauri Park, Waipu, Whangarei Falls etc.

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    √ Whangarei Museum / Northland Regional MuseumThis open-air museum lies 8km west of Whangarei on Highway 14 (the Dargaville road), in the gro...

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