Belair National Park

Belair National Park

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Belair National Park, Adelaide Overview

Belair National Park is an 835 hectare urban national park reserve located just 13 kilometres from the Adelaide City centre. Belair National Park has important natural, cultural/historical and recreational values and is the birthplace of the national park system in South Australia. The park was dedicated in 1891, making it the first National Park in South Australia.


The Park lies within the Mitcham and Adelaide Hills Council areas, and forms part of a chain of national park reserves located along the Adelaide Hills-Face zone. The Park is a part of the National Parks and Wildlife SA (NPWSA) Sturt District which comprises 15 parks. It has become the gateway to other national park reserves in the state, as it is often the first port of call for many of the 250,000 local, interstate and overseas visitors who come here each year.


Facilities: The Park gates open from 8:00 am to sunset all year round, except Christmas Day. Information Centre: The Information Centre is located 200 metres from the western entrance of the Park and is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm during the week, and 9:00 am to 4:30 pm on weekends and Public Holidays. Car Parks: All tennis courts, picnic grounds, sporting ovals and pavilions have formal parking areas located in close proximity to facilities. Informal car parking areas are located throughout the Park. Food: Picnicing near Playford Lake The Belair Country Club is located immediately adjacent to the Belair National Park, and provides dining facilities for visitors to enjoy. Water: Drinking water is available at 5 large shelter bays and most of the barbecue shelters.


Karka Pavilion has a water tap on its outer perimeter. Main Oval Pavilion has water and a kitchen facility for large events. Shelter: There are 8 large shelters for exclusive use which can be reserved through the booking office, 3 with large, free barbecue facilities. Main Oval Pavilion and Karka Pavilion may be hired and provide excellent shelter for large groups. Smaller shelters (Arbors) are available at various locations usually associated with the hiring of a tennis court. Power: Electric power points are available in the Main Oval Pavilion. Requests to use a generator in the Park must be submitted in writing to: Gas barbecues are available at 18 sites around the Park, free of charge. You are encouraged to use this facility and return to your picnic site to allow others to use the facility.


Tennis Courts: A total of 54 tennis courts, 10 picnic grounds, 2 sporting ovals and 2 pavilions are available for hire. The tennis courts, located within natural and semi natural bushland settings are found throughout the Park. See example below. Reserved Picnic Areas: There are 10 picnic areas and 2 ovals which you can reserve for your exclusive use. General Public Picnic Area: Willows picnic area Numerous informal public picnic areas can be found throughout the Park, tucked away off the sides of the roads, nestled in the surrounding vegetation.


Few of these areas have facilities, however some may be located a few minutes walking distance to toilets and barbecues. Sporting Ovals: Two sporting ovals are located in the western section of the Park. Both offer magnificent settings close to and/or associated with facilities such as shelter, barbecues and toilets. Main Oval: Large grassy oval with rail perimeter; has football and soccer goals as well as a summer cricket pitch. Associated facilities - Parking available. A large pavilion nearby, with kitchen area, power and toilets located nearby. Note: This oval can get soft under foot when wet. Pavilions: Two pavilions are available for large group gatherings and functions. Main Pavilion has associated kitchen, shower and toilet facilities, while Karka Pavilion has associated toilet facilities nearby.


Toilets: Seventeen toilet blocks are located throughout the Park. Walking and Nature Observation: The 15 minute Playford Lake walk offers opportunities for disabled use and enjoyment. There are many and varied opportunities to explore the natural features of the Belair National Park. Most locations are accessible to members of the public all year round. Visitors can start by paying a visit to Playford Lake where they can observe some of the many species of birdlife found in this location. Bike Riding in National Park Reserves: Bike riding is allowed in Belair National Park. All push bikes including mountain bikes are classed as vehicles under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972. This means that all bicycles must keep to the sealed, public access roads at all times. All bike riders must give way to pedestrians.


As you approach pedestrians and walkers, advertise your arrival by ringing your bell. Please observe the 40 kilometre speed limit for all vehicles in the Park. Beware of motor vehicles and other park users such as horse riders and wildlife. Horse Riding: You can ride your horse in the Park on the designated roads and horse trail. Remember your horse is classified as a 'vehicle' under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972. Please give way to pedestrians at all times and as a matter of courtesy, please remove any faecal matter. Walk the Dog: You can walk your dog in the Park provided it is restrained on a leash no longer than 3 metres at all times. Please remember to remove any faecal matter. Orienteering: Orienteering activities are allowed in Belair National Park. For anyone wishing to undertake orienteering activities in the Park please complete an Event Application Form and return it to the National Parks and Wildlife SA (NPWSA) Sturt District office at least 6 weeks before the proposed event. Applications received less than 6 weeks prior to the event being held may not be approved. Old Government House: Old Government House lies in the heart of Belair National Park.


It was built on the Government Farm as the official vice-regal summer residence from 1860 to 1880, and was used by Governors MacDonnell (1860 - 1862) and Daly (1862 - 1868). Plant Nursery: The Plant Nursery is located in Belair National Park and offers visitors advice on growing native plants, flowers and foliage. Children's Activities: An adventure playground is located in Belair National Park. The playground is suitable for children of all ages. Have fun at the playground Parents can relax and enjoy themselves here while the children go off and play on the playground equipment or other features such as dead tree logs, tunnels and a wooden fort. Picnicking facilities are available here, making this area one of the major family attractions in the Park.

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