Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach

  • Sydney
  • Australia
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Whitehaven Beach, Sydney Overview

Whitehaven beach is truly a beach that is white and heaven. The heavenly beauty added by the white glaze of the sand makes it the most beloved beach in the world. The reason of its unending blaze is the pure silica spread. Whitehaven Beach: Detail Whitsunday Island is filled with at least 74 islands; Whitehaven beach is one of them. Whitehaven beach is knownfor picturesque seven kilometer lengthened sea sides. Hill Inlet is located at the north sides of Whitehaven beach that is an epitome of Elysian beauty. Whitehaven beach is part of Reef Marine Park. Whitehaven Beach: Traveling Is Fun One can get ferries and Yachts that are modern and faster. These newer conveyance takes you to the place lot faster and in less time than earlier ones. Nowadays one can get helicopters and seaplanes to make traveling more thrilling and enjoyable. Whitehaven Beach: Fun At Whitehaven beach one can do loads of funs and adventures. Water sports, beach games are common stuffs at Whitehaven beach. People love the place as they get ample of space and liberty to play. Kids, women or young people love its soft and glary sands that are nice and soothing.

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