Top Tourist Places To Visit in Abu Simbel

  • Abu Simbel
  • Egypt
  • Entertainment Abu Simbel you can have unlimited fun and enjoyment. The town has several attractions that will take your breath away. The beautiful and pristine blue waters of the lake Nasser and meticulously carved out rock temples are wonderful places for spending time with your dear ones. You can also experience the luxury of sailing in the cruise.
  • Activities Abu Simbel is a major tourist's attraction in Egypt. The intricate carvings, scientific and complex astronomical techniques used in the construction and the sacred beliefs of the people attached makes Abu Simbel a place worth visiting once in the lifetime. There are plenty of things to do here : - √ The highlight of this place is the sound and light show which is held daily. √ If you can make it, then don't miss the festival which takes place twice a year in February and October here. √ Enjoy the sight where the golden sunlight and architectural brilliance makes the inner sanctum of the temple glow.
  • State Aswan.
  • Country Egypt.
  • Population Not more than 5000 people are there.
  • Languages Arabic is the official language, although English, Hindi and Urdu are commonly spoken.
  • Currency Egyptian Pound.
  • Geographic Coordination 2220'13"N 3137'32"E.
  • Suitable Visiting Seasons ( months)

    Anytime between October and May.

  • Tourist Attractions - Best Places to visit The most famous Places to Visit in Abu Simbel are as follows : -
      The Rock Temple of Ramses : -
    It is a world famous monument located in Egypt which features the four colossal seated statues of the great Ramses II each of which is 69 feet high. The four statues depict the Pharaoh Ramses seated on a throne; the surrounding smaller statues and carvings depict other members of the royal family. There are a number of beautiful frescoes decorating the back rooms of the temple, showing many interesting views.
      The Temple of Ramesses, beloved of Amun : -
    The temple depicts the greatness of Pharaoh Ramses and the god Amum, the Egyptian god. The pharaoh chose this particular site for such an impressive monument so that it can be seen by all travellers and traders passing by.
      Aswan High Dam : -
    With the construction of this dam in the 1960s, the temples were threatened with submersion under the rising waters of the lake Nassar. But a project sponsored by the UNESCO and the Egyptian government disassembled both temples and reconstructed them on top of the cliff safely.

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Abu Simbel Overview

Abu Simbel, on the bank of Lake Nasser in Egypt, is a major tourist attraction. Abu Simbel is a set of two huge rock temples that were carved out of mountains during the reign of Pharaoh Ramses II. The Temples of Abu Simbel are quite breathtaking along with their history which is equally fascinating and dates back more than three thousand years old. The two temples are dedicated to three deities of Egypt Ra-Harakhty, Pitah and Amun. The temples are designed in such a manner that on solstices the sun's rays can illuminate the entire back wall of the temple and the statues of the four gods. These temples allure tourists more because of the reason- that it was feared that they will drown in the waters of Lake Nasser and so were removed and relocated at another site by UNESCO and the Egyptian government.

Climate and Geography

Heading south from Luxor, the fertile green Nile Valley narrows considerably and becomes more and more enclosed by the desert, which in some places edges dramatically close to the river banks. The climate also changes and becomes increasingly desertlike, with mostly warm and dry days in winter – there’s an average temperature of about 26°C during the day – but often surprisingly cold at night. Summer days are dry but often very hot, with temperatures hovering between 38°C and 45°C, making it difficult to visit sites outdoors. At the height of summer, temperatures hardly seem to drop during the night


Take a break from the sight seeing and indulge in Shopping at Abu Simbel. There are several gift and souvenir selling shops close to the car park and the bus stop near the temple. Here, mostly you will find postcards, magnets, T-shirts, guidebooks, figurines, pottery, and cameras etc as souvenirs. Everything is reasonably priced.
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