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  • Alexandria
  • Egypt
  • State Louisiana.
  • Country Egypt.
  • Languages Arabic is the official language. English is also commonly spoken.
  • Currency Egyptian Pound is the currency used.
  • Geographic Coordination 3112'N 2955'E.
  • Area The total area is 2,679 Km2.
  • Population The total population according to 2006 census is 4,110,015.

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Alexandria Overview

Alexandria is the second-largest city in Egypt and is the country's largest seaport. It is popularly known as the "Mermaid of the Mediterranean". The city was built during the rule of the Greek emperor Alexander the Great who seek to immortalize his name through this city. There are number of historical sites in Alexandria and so it is considered to be the most attractive city in Egypt for its moderate weather, white beaches and blue water and friendly people. Alexandria has always been popular as a vacation destination for local Egyptians looking to escape the summer heat and enjoy the Mediterranean beaches.

Climate and Geography

Alexandria has an arid Mediterranean climate / Subtropical characterized by mild, variably rainy winters and hot, dry summers.

Suitable Visiting Seasons ( months) : Spring (March-June) and autumn (September-November).

Shopping and Entertainment

Alexandria welcomes you to the astonishing world of shopping! There are countless malls and up class markets located all around the city. The shopping malls are also known for their eateries, entertainment, cinema etc. Some of the places worth visiting are : -

  • There is a traditional market located on the western side of the Midan Tahrir. Shop here for the traditional Egyptian items, handicrafts etc.
  • If you are looking for the memorable shopping experience then the market near the backstreets around the Attareen area is the best place. Apart from the expensive clothes, shoes and bags, the market is flooded with antiquities and artifacts.
  • For high fashion, trendy clothes and stylish handbags, the shops around the Saad Zaghloul and Sharias Safiyya Zaghloul are hard to beat.
  • Some of the popular shopping malls are : -
      → City Centre Mall : - which lies to the south of Alexandria, is one of the biggest shopping malls in the city. → Green Plaza Shopping Mall : - it is particularly a fun place to shop. This mall is particularly famous amongst the children.

Other shopping malls in the Alexandria area are as follows : -

    Deeb Mall KiroSeiz Mall Mina Mall San Stefano Grand Plaza Mall Wataneya Grand Mall Zahran Mall.
Entertainment : Alexandria is best known as the Egyptian city of Festivals. There is annual film festival that attracts people from all over the world. It has several events and shows to entertain the people. But most of the Festivals in Alexandria are related to either the Coptic or Islamic religions.

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