Trekking in Gandhamardan Hill

Trekking in Gandhamardan Hill

  • Balangir
  • Odisha
  • India
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Trekking in Gandhamardan Hill, Balangir Overview

Gandhamardan Hill is a highly admired hill in the Baragarh district of the Indian state of Orissa. The hill is known for its abundance of medicinal herbs and is a part of the Eastern Ghats. The hill was once famous for its Buddhist culture and still retains remnants of some Buddhist ruins. According to legends, this hill is believed to be the one that Lord Hanuman carried on his palm to save the life of Lord Rama's brother, Lakshman.

Joyous Experience Of Trekking In Gandhamardan Hill : Trekking in Gandhamardan Hill is truly an enriching experience as the entire valley has gurgling streams and beautiful surroundings. The scenic beauty of the place is worth appreciating as it is completely surrounded by lush forests and beautiful herbal plants and flowers. While trekking through the Gandhamardan hill, you will experience peace and solitude as you have never experienced before. Apart from your footsteps, the only noise heard by you would be the chirping of the birds, the gurgle of the flowing streams, and the soothing undefined sounds of nature. If you are a small party of a few people then you would enjoy immensely. The majestic mountains in the surroundings are beautiful and shadow the hills, protecting them from the vagaries of nature. To experience the true joy of connecting with nature, it is essential that you trek in the Gandhamardan Hills and take back memories to be cherished for a long time.

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