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  • Peer Khoh in Jammu#1
    Peer Khoh

    This is a cave shrine with a naturally formed Shiva lingam. There are many more temples, which have a strong mythological significance. The antiquity ...

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  • Amar Mahal Palace Museum in Jammu#2
    Amar Mahal Palace Museum

    This is an admiring palace made up of red sand stone. One can see Shivaliks at the north and the River Tawi flows down below. This was once the reside...

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  • Peer Baba in Jammu#3
    Peer Baba

    Peer Baba is the famous Dargah (tomb) of the Muslim saint, Peer Budhan Ali Shah. On Thursdays apart from Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs also come in large ...

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  • Raghunath Temple in Jammu#4
    Raghunath Temple

    Situated in the heart of the city and surrounded by a group of other temples, this temple, dedicated to Lord Rama is outstanding and unique in Norther...

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  • Shahdara Sharief in Jammu#5
    Shahdara Sharief

    Shahdara Sharief is the shrine of Baba Ghulam Shah in the lap of mounatins. The shirne is commonly known as Shahdara Sharief is a popular tourist spot...

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  • Amar Mahal Palace in Jammu#6
    Amar Mahal Palace

    Amar Mahal, located in Jammu, is a palace depicting grandeur of an erstwhile era. It was constructed by a French architect for Raja Amar Singh, belong...


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  • Bawey Wali Mata in Jammu#7
    Bawey Wali Mata

    The famous temple of 'Bawey Wali Mata' is in site the Bahu Fort, where every Tuesday and Sunday pilgrims throng and jostle one another to worship the ...


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  • Bahu Fort in Jammu#8
    Bahu Fort

    Situated along the banks of river Tawi, the grand structure of Bahu Fort is possibly the oldest construction in Jammu. The magnificent waterfalls, gre...

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  • Idgah in Jammu#9

    Ziarat Baba Buddan Shah is located in the outskrits of Jammu city at a distance of about 8 kms. towards the aerodrome at Satwari. This ziarat is very ...


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  • Peer Kho Temple in Jammu#10
    Peer Kho Temple

    There is perhaps no other city more deserving of the epithet


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  • Purmandal & Uttar Behani in Jammu#11
    Purmandal & Uttar Behani

    Maharaja Ranbir Singh planned to create a unique centre of pilgrimage. Between Purmandal and Uttar Behani, he named different spots along the Subteran...

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  • Bahu Fort & Temple in Jammu#12
    Bahu Fort & Temple

    Bahu Fort is perhaps the oldest fort in the city. Originally constructed by Raja Bahulochan over 3,000 years ago. There is a temple dedicated to Godde...


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  • Buddha Amarnath Temple in Jammu#13
    Buddha Amarnath Temple

    This is a unique Shiva Temple which is located at foot hill. The stream which flows near it, is the Loran stream but it is believed by the locals that...


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  • Nangli Sahib Gurdwara in Jammu#14
    Nangli Sahib Gurdwara

    Ant Bhai Mela Singh established this Gurdwara when he was on his way to conquer Kashmir 1810 AD. Thousands of pilgrims of all religions has given grea...


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Things To Do In Jammu

The city is famous for its temples. The ones which are preferred tourist spots are Raghunath Temple, Ranbireshwar Temple, Peer Kho Cave Temple, Bawey Wali Mata, Mahamaya Temple. These temples depict the beautiful architecture of old days.

Other than temples the visitors can take a trip to Hari Parbat Fort, situated on the banks of Dal Lake; Bahu Fort on the banks Tawi and Amar Mahal Palace Museum amongst others.

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