Scuba Diving Thailand

Scuba Diving Thailand

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Scuba Diving Thailand, Phuket Overview

Thailand is a dream destination with its clear waters, big fish, wrecks, stunning corals and an environment excellent for diving. With the adjacent seashore of Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, this country is a delight for adventurous scuba divers.


What Is Scuba Diving?

Scuba Diving (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus Diving) is a form of underwater diving using a scuba set to breathe. Scuba divers carry along a source of breathing gas permitting them better liberty under water.


Major Scuba Diving Spots in Thailand

  • Koh Tao a tiny, captivating island veiled away in the Gulf of Thailand is home to one of the world-class diving spots with an exciting diversity of aquatic life.
  • Richelieu Rock's absolutely enchanting marine life leaves divers from across the world spellbound by moving barracuda and thousands of small fish gyrating around the peak.
  • In Thailand the finest scuba diving can be done on the side of Andaman Sea both in the south and north locations. Towards further North the Similan Islands is a popular hub for scuba diving.
  • Reputed as a premier tourist locale, Phuket is the country's biggest island and most ventured scuba diving spot.
  • In Koh Lanta, divers get the dual thrill of wall dives and swimming amidfringing reefs.
  • Yet another well-liked dive site is the Shark Point Marine Sanctuary where divers can not only take a dip in the deep blue sea but also catch a sight of Leopard Sharks on the sandy botto.

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