Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach

  • Phuket
  • Thailand
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Kamala Beach, Phuket Overview

Kamala Beach is situated in the exotic island of Phuket. Kamala Beach is surrounded by forested hills and is one of the most scintillating beaches in Phuket. The village of Phuket has seen many rapid developments over the last several years, but Kamala Beach remains untouched. This well-enclosed beach with a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere is frequented by retirees or long-term visitors. There are numerous small hotels, villas and apartments surrounding Kamala Beach. These hotels and apartments offer a great view of the Kamala Bay and beyond the meandering roads.

You will not find sky-rise buildings or modern shopping malls, but that is where the real charm of the beach lies. You can bask in the sunshine or take a dip in the cool translucent water. The conditions at the Kamala Beach are ideal for numerous water sports. There are abounding eateries here that offer international cuisines for tourists who visit from different parts of the world. The food offered is world-class and the tourists flock in great numbers to this beach just to get a taste of the exotic food and drinks that are available.

The night-life in Kamala Beach is quite low-key. The maximum you can do is have dinner on the beach with a pleasant breeze blowing and soft music playing in the background. If you are lucky, you might even see buffaloes taking an evening walk. The nearby Patong Beach is high on nightlife and dazzling atmosphere, but if you are willing to relax and enjoy a peaceful holiday, then Kamala Beach is the one for you.

Special Attraction
The major attraction of Kamala Beach is the Phuket Fantasea, a cultural show with a touch of the Las Vegas style. The cultural show is replete with pyrotechnics, laser shows and elephants. You can also visit the Buddhist temple that is located at the southern end of the beach.

Climate and When To Visit
Phuket Island has a tropical climate. The months from November to April are dry. The rainy season starts in May and lasts till October. The temperature here remains consistent throughout the year with minimum vagaries. The best time to visit would be from November to April when the Kamala Beach is facing a dry spell but if you want to enjoy the pouring rains, then visit the island anywhere between May and October.

Getting To Kamala Beach
It is easy to reach Kamala Beach by car or taxi from Phuket International Airport. It is just around 45 to 50 minutes drive which is gratifying in itself as you can view the passing scenery while sitting in the car.

Local Currency
The local currency of Phuket Island, Thailand is Baht. 30.72 Baht is equivalent to one US Dollar.

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