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  • Udaygiri and Khandagiri in Bhubaneswar
    Udaygiri and Khandagiri

    These are the twin hills 7 Kms from Bhubaneshwar. The 135 ft high Udaygiri and 118 ft high Khandagiri hills have ancient caves. Khandagiri means "Brok...

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  • Siddheshwar Temple in Bhubaneswar
    Siddheshwar Temple

    The eastern edge of the terrace in front of the 'Muktesvara' temple is lined by six small shrines, of which the one on the extreme north is a specimen...


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  • Nandankanan Park in Bhubaneswar
    Nandankanan Park

    Located at a distance of 20 kms from Bhubaneshwar, Nandankanan justifies its literal meaning i.e. "Garden of Pleasure" picturesque Nandankanan, or the...


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  • Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary in Bhubaneswar
    Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary

    Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary is located in the state of Odisha and is very near to Bhubneshwar city. It is known to be the largest inland salt-water la...


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  • Chitrakarini Temple in Bhubaneswar
    Chitrakarini Temple

    Like the 'Brahmesvara' temple, the Chitrakarini temple, with four subsidiary shrines at the corners, is of the 'Panchayatana' (five-shrined) type, the...


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  • Svarnajalesvara Temple in Bhubaneswar
    Svarnajalesvara Temple

    Svarnajaleswar Temple is situated a small south of Parsurameswar Temple and has beautiful depictions from the epic Ramayan. It stands on the road from...


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  • Sisiresvara Temple in Bhubaneswar
    Sisiresvara Temple

    In the same compound, immediately to the north of the 'Vaital Deul' and contemporaneous with it, is the Sisiresvara temple, now deprived of its crowni...


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  • Kapilesvara Temple in Bhubaneswar
    Kapilesvara Temple

    There are many other temples that are worth visiting during your temple tours to Orissa in India. These are the Nilamadhava temple, Padmeswara temple,...


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  • Yogini Shrine in Bhubaneswar
    Yogini Shrine

    Yogini Temple is situated about 15 km from Bhubaneswar at Hirapur. One of the four Yogini Temples in India, it has beautiful Yoginis carved from black...


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  • Parvati Temple in Bhubaneswar
    Parvati Temple

    Of the many secondary sanctuaries in the courtyard, the temple of Parvati is a fine architectural piece, remarkable for the exuberance of its carvings...


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Discover this chaotic and extremely captivating temple city as it has a lot to offer a traveller like you.

Sightseeing: Indulge yourself in the sightseeing of Udayagiri & Khandagiri Caves, Lingarag Mandir, Kanika, Cellar and State Museum.

Restaurants: Curb your hunger at Truptee Restaurant, Maurya Gardens and Tangerine 9 and delight in delicious cuisines.

City Tour: Be a part of the City Tour which will take to past some of the most popular tourist spots of Bhubaneswar.

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