Mughal Garden

Mughal Garden

  • New Delhi
  • India
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  • Timing Visiting Hours - 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Note*- Open on Feb 16 to March 15 for the public
  • Time Required 1 - 3 hrs
  • Entry Fee No Entry Fee

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Mughal Garden, New Delhi Overview

Designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens for Lady Harding, Mughal Garden is located within the premises of Rashtrapati Bhawan. As the name suggests, Mughal Garden was designed keeping in mind the Mughal style of art, with a touch of British Style. The specialty of this garden lies in the beautiful canals, terraces, fountains and flowerbeds that create a visual treat during springs.

Spread over a vast area of 6 hectares, you can easily reach Mughal Garden from anywhere in Delhi. Inside this beautiful Garden, you find four waterways connected through beautiful fountains at the intersection. In addition to the majestic fountains, Mughal Garden is full of flowers like marigold, roses, bougainvillea etc. It is believed that there are more than 25 varieties of rose, 13 different types of marigold and around 60 different varieties of bougainvillea.

Open For Public
The Mughal Garden opens for general public in the month of February-March every year during specific dates that are announced every year. Visitors are allowed entry on all days except Monday. In addition to Monday, the garden generally remains close on other days, in case of any function or in case of a VVIP visit. These dates are pre-announced for public through various media. The entry for the Mughal Garden is regulated from Gate No. 35, which is located near to the President’s Estate, near to North Avenue and Western End of Church Road.

Major Attractions And Highlights Of Mughal Garden

The Beautiful Terrace Garden
One of the distinct features of Mughal Garden is the “Terrace Garden”. Two longitudinal strips of garden on the higher level run on either side of the garden forming the boundary. At the centre of both the strip is a fountain that steeps inwards forming a small well, surrounded by beautiful flowers on the outskirt.

The Purdha Garden
Yet another important feature of Mughal Garden is the Purdah Garden. Located on the West of the Main Garden and enclosed in walls that are around 12 feet high, the “Purdah Garden” has 16 square rose beds that are encased with low hedges. Red sandstone runs as a pavement for walkway around the garden, which is surrounded by Jasmine, Rose, and Orange Trees.

How To Reach Mughal Garden?
Located in Central Delhi, reaching Mughal Garden is fairly easy. You can take a Metro; the nearest metro station to Mughal Garden is Central Secretariat. Other way round, you can reach Mughal Garden through either public transport or your car etc. Parking for vehicles is available in the North Avenue Road.

Entry to Mughal Garden is free of cost. Thus, you can visit Mughal Garden this holiday season with your family and friends to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of nature.

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