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  • Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati#6
    Kamakhya Temple

    Kamakhya Temple needs no special introduction. This temple is an ancient shrine that represents the Shaktism. Standing on the hill of Nilachal, it ens...

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  • Umananda Temple in Guwahati#7
    Umananda Temple

    The most interesting thing about this Siva temple is its location, on Peacock Island in the middle of the river. The Shiva temple of Umananda stands o...

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  • Navagraha Temple in Guwahati#8
    Navagraha Temple

    As the name indicates, this temple is dedicated to the nine planets in the solar system. It is situated on Chitrachal hill in Guwahati and is a center...

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  • Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary in Guwahati#9
    Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

    Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the district of Morigaon in Assam. The place is at a distance of around 50kms from Guwahati and covers the ...

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  • Basistha Temple in Guwahati#10
    Basistha Temple

    Basistha Temple is a famous tourists’ attraction in the Indian state of Assam. It lies near the reserves of Garbhanga in Guwahati. Basistha Temple d...


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  • Boating in Assam in Guwahati#11
    Boating in Assam

    Assam is situated in Guwahati and is known for its Brahmaputra and Barak river valleys. Assam has slowly emerged as a hot spot for all the adventurous...


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  • Assam State Museum in Guwahati#12
    Assam State Museum

    Assam State Museum is a famous travel destination in Guwahati. It was established in 1940 by Assam Research Society. Mr. Kanklal Baruah was its founde...

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  • Assam State Zoo in Guwahati#13
    Assam State Zoo

    Assam State Zoo is one of the famous tourist attractions in Assam. This site is located within the premises of Hengrabari Reserved Forest and attracts...

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  • River Rafting in Hugli in Guwahati#14
    River Rafting in Hugli

    The Hugli is a more intimate waterway, bordered by villages and rural landscape of jute fields and mango orchards. The emphasis here is on monuments a...

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  • Janardan Temple in Guwahati#15
    Janardan Temple

    Janardan Temple is situated at Shukaleswar hillock in Guwahati, near Shukaleswar Ghat of the Brahmaputra. The temple is built in a subtle combination ...


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  • Lalmati-Duramari Ganesh Temple in Guwahati#16
    Lalmati-Duramari Ganesh Temple

    The Lalmati-Duramari Ganesh Temple near Abhayapuri town under North Salmara Sub-Division, is one of the oldest temples of the state. The historicity o...


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  • Saraighat Bridge in Guwahati#17
    Saraighat Bridge

    Saraighat Bridge is a well-known tourist attraction in Guwahati. It is a rail-cum-road bridge that stands over the River Brahmaputra. It is a marvelou...


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Things To Do In Guwahati

Guwahati is the biggest city in the sate of Assam and also one of the most important destinations for the tourists visiting North-East India. The attractions in the city of Guwahati are innumerable and diverse. There are a large number of Hindu temples located in Guwahati. Kamakhya temple is the most important and famous temple located in Guwahati. Among all the tantrik shrines present in the world, Kamakhya temple is well-known as the most holy shrine.

The Kamakhya temple dates back to 10th century and is famous for the animal sacrifice ritual. Another popular temple is the Bhubaneshwari Temple, which is located at a higher altitude as compared to that of Kamakhya temple and provides a beautiful view of the city of Guwahati. Umananda Temple, which is dedicated to the Lord Shiva, is another important attraction located in the city. One can also visit the beautiful Navagraha Temple. This temple also known as the Temple of Nine Planets is believed to be the old seat of astronomy and astrology. The temple has a very interesting structure. The lingam, which is housed in dome shaped, is encircled by 9 stands that stand for nine planets. One can also visit the Guwahati Zoo, which is known to be the largest natural zoo in India.

There are various museums like State Museum, Forest Museum, Anthropological Museum and the Cottage Industries Museum located in Guwahati. One can also visit the Guwahati Planetarium, which is worth visiting. City Info : Guwahati is located along the banks of River Brahmaputra and is the largest industrial, commercial and educational city in the North-East region. Guwahati is also known as the gateway of north east. It is also the service center of the tea plantations and oil industry. Guwahati also holds the largest tea auctions.

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