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Charar-e-Sharif - Kashmir India

Charar-e-Sharif in Kashmir is the mausoleum of Shaikh Noor-ud-Din Noorani at Charar-e-Sharif. Charar-e-Sharif is dedicated to Sheikh Nooruddin, who was the greatest mystic-saint of Kashmir. The Islamic militants burned it down in 1995 at the behest of Pakistan. The Sheikh was born as Nund Reshi in 1377 AD.

Saint Sheikh Nooruddin personified the Hindu-Muslim culture of the Valley, Nund, later named Nooruddin - "the light of faith", fully believed in the presence of God. Kashmir, with its immense beauty and piousness holds the whole world enthralled for its virgin mysticism.Which is to be explored by the world,where brotherhood and communal harmony stood ahead among many ways to attain God.The Man,a prophet re-incarnation; Hindu by birth and dharma led masses of his followers among Muslims and Pandits in a unique way.

This person laid the foundation of Rishism in the valley. His name includes variety of realisation and Ananda.Shaja Nand or popularly known as Nund Rishi. Shaja Nand was born in 1377 at Khe-Jogipora.His childhood name was (Nand) he had told this himself. After attaining self-realisation people conferred him with different names which made popular among his followers and the common man. People used to come to him for blessings and favour. And some came for knowledge and guidance.

The names which people lovingly and devoutly conferred upon him are : Shaikh-ul-Alam,Shaikh-noor-u-din-nurani, Alamdar-i-kashmir,Sarkhel-i-Rishiya,Nund Rish.He is used by these names. Within two days of his death in 1438 at Charar, nine lakh people are said to have gathered at the Shrine, including the King, Sultan Zain-ul-Abdin.

Elevation : 1933 metres

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