Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary

Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary

  • Perak
  • Malaysia
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Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary, Perak Overview

Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary, Perak, a refuge for over two hundred species of birds, was set up in 1970 with the aim of protecting and preserving both the resident and the migratory birds. Thousands of migratory birds that flock to this place during the months of September to December have been distinguished as belonging to 48 different species. Some of these feathered friends come from the faraway lands of Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Japan and China. The mudflat area has been used by the migratory birds since a long time. They use this place as a refueling point. Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary, Perak, offers the scope of engaging in a variety of activities to the visitors. Bird watching is no doubt the primary activity and for those ardent bird watchers who wouldn't like to miss out on anything, it is recommended that you visit Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary, Perak, during the migratory season. You can spot the Eurasian curlew, Common redshank, Mongolian plovers, Pacific goldenplover, Common sandpiper, Cattle egret, Little Black-headed gull and Black-naped tern. The egrets are a common bird here and are quite abundant. The pretty common wetland birds include the Brahminy Kite, white bellied sea eagle and the kingfisher. If the waterbirds are to be discounted, there are a number of other birds in Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary, Perak, that take to land, like the pigeons, raptors, parrots, cuckoos, owls, swifts, babblers, mynas, thrushes, warblers, sunbirds and many more. Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary, Perak, also provides asylum to the threatened bird species that are on the verge of extinction. They include Chinese Egret, Black headed Ibis, Jambu Fruit Dove and Cinnamon headed Green Pigeon.

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