Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach

  • Hawaii
  • USA
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Sunset Beach, Hawaii Overview

Sunset Beach is around 2miles long and over 200feet in width during the summers. It is the broadest white sand beach in Oahu. The portion that fronts the beach is around 1mile long. Sunset Beach is on the northern shore of Oahu and is around 1.20minutes from Waikiki. Facilities at Sunset Beach The beach offers various facilities like roadside parking, portable restrooms etc. During winters, the high waves completely erode the beach and thus the beach gets narrower. Also, one gets all the modern facilities like STDs, phone booths and cyber cafes that connect you to rest of the world. Attractions of Sunset Beach Many people reckon Sunset Beach to be the most romantic beach on Oahu. - Sunset Beach is a paradise for surfers. Sometimes the surf rises to around 25 to 50 feet and thus is a challenging as well as adventurous for surfers. - It is among the 3 chief surfing places available on Oahu. Sunset Beach is also good for wind surfing and other activities like snorkeling, horseback riding, golf, swimming and hiking. Ways to Sunset Beach Sunset Beach is one of the well linked to all the main cities around. One can get to the place via roadways, airways and even waterways. Roads to Sunset Beach are placed with all the milestones navigating your journey. In addition, roads are well constructed and are smoothest to drive. It does not take time access the Sunset Beach because of transportation available all the time.

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