Applique Work

Applique Work

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Applique Work, Bhubaneswar Overview

Art and Crafts of Orissa constitute an integral part of Orissa. Some of these products are deeply ingrained in the very culture and traditions of Orissa. Most importantly these exquisite items are beautiful, intricate and also utilitarian in purpose. The Crafts of Orissa are held in high esteem throughout India. Most of these art works can be traced back to thousands of years. If you take a closer look at the socio cultural aspect of Orissa, you can gauge how Craft is integrally related with the people of Orissa. Most of the things in Orissa, including Tours, Travels and Crafts seem to revolve around Jagannath, who is the reigning deity of Orissa. Each area in Orissa specializes in different craft forms. For instance the village of Pipli is famous for its Applique Work. Applique Work in Pipli : The cottage industry of Applique Work has been prevalent in Orissa for a considerable time frame. Initially it was used during Rath Yatra of Puri in decorating the Chariot of Jagannath. The whole of Puri Temple bear evidence to its elaborate use. It is also quite in demand amongst the foreign tourists who loves its intricate design and exquisite handiwork. Applique handiwork is one of the most sellable products in Orissa. Pipli, a small village near Bhubaneswar, practices this craft form. Applique generally refers to a craft form where one material is woven or sewed to the other to make a eye catching decorative pattern. Now you also get Applique Work saris and and household items which are utilitarian in purpose too. It becomes all the more charming if it comes with mirror works. Bright colors in pastel shades are generally used. Wholesale Applique Work products are sent to Luxury hotels all over Orissa for the guests to choose and pick up items. Applique work umbrellas can be seen all over Orissa. Wall hangings, decorative pieces, linens, dress materials, bags, lamp shades are all Applique Work items.

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