• Jabalpur
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • India
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  • Timings 6 00 AM - 8 00 PM
  • Time Required Around 2 hrs
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Bhedaghat, Jabalpur Overview

Waterfall at Bheraghat provides an unforgettable experience. The principal attraction here is the marble rocks. Tradition has it that the famous ancient sage Bhrigu meditated here for many years. Some people equate the word bheda with sangam (confluence), and since the River Bavan joins the Narmada here, this place is named Bhedhaghat. Known locally as Bhedhaghat, this gorge on the Narmada River is 22 km from Jabalpur.


Soaring in glittering splendor, they rise to a hundred feet on either side of the Narmada. The sight is particularly spectacular on the night of full moon, when tourists throng here in large numbers. The best way to see the long gorge is by shared rowboat. In the serene loveliness of the scene the sunlight sparkles on the marble white pinnacles and casts dappled shadows on the pellucid waters.


The eye never wearies of the startling effect produced by the broken and reflected sunlight glancing from pinnacle of snow-white marble reared against the deep blue of the sky. Here and there veins of dark green or black volcanic rock seam the white saccharine limestone; contrast which only enhances like setting of jet the purity of the surrounding marble.

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