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Khetri, Jhunjhunu Overview

For the ones who don't know Khetri is famous region that is widely known for its exquisite frescos found in the Raghunath temple. In addition to this, the Bohpalgarh fort is also worth exploring and definitely deserves to be on your checklist. Apart from these places, Panna Lal Shah Ka Talab (Water Tank), Sukh Mahal, Ram Krishna Mission, and Hari Singh temple are also the places that one can explore in here. It is also to be noted here that the excursions of Khetri, Shekhawati is inclusive of Ajeet Sagar, Rameshwar Das Baba Ka Ashram at Bassi and Baghor Fort.


Things to Do:


Khetri is famous for its amazing forts and exquisite frescos found in the Raghunath temple. You can enjoy exploring the richness of the Rajasthani culture heer and what the rajas have left for the place. Khetri, Shekhawati is an amazing place for photography and videography for which you must require permission from the authorities.




Khetri, Shekhawati is locted in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan, which happens to be 200 km south-west from the capital of India, Delhi. The small Rajasthani town is surrounded by sprawling, relatively unknown; fortress of Bhopalgarh has an immense impact on the cultural history of India even more than one's imagination. Khetri, Shekhawati is one of the intimately connected place, which connected with the life of Swami Vivekanand and was once a small fiefdom of the Shekhawat Rajas. Moreover, it is also one of those few places in the country that has boasted its own 'Nehru' as its chief minister. This is otherwise a nondescript town in north-east Rajasthan and has been visited by many travellers for the past few years.


It is also to be noted here that Shekhawati is a parched district that is famous for the painted havelis of Marwari merchants. The place is nowadays under the control of the Maharajas of Jaipur, but it was once reined by semi-independent Rajas and Thakurs. Topping it all, one of most prominent regions among many was Khetri that was ruled by the one and only Shekhawat clan. As interesting as it may sound, Khetri, Shekhawati is for sure a place to be visited once in a lifetime.


Best Time to Visit:


Best time to visit Khetri is from October to March. And the reason why one should visit here during these months is because the weather is most favourable and pleasant during these months. Although, the days are sunny, but that doesn't make it difficult for travelling, on the other hand, the evenings are windy and pleasant.


How to Reach:


If you are travelling via air, the nearest airport to Khetri is Sanganeer Airport, which is 145 km away from the region. For those who are travelling via rail, the railway stations are Jhilo (19 km), Dabla (19 km), Nim Ka Thana (31 km) and Narnaul (36 km). Khetri is also quit well-connected by road and people cab drive on the easy roads very efficiently.


Nearby Attractions:


Raghunath Temple





Badalgarh Fort


Laxmangarh Fort

Mandawa Fort

Ratangarh Fort


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