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  • Shikari Devi Wildlife Sanctuary in Mandi#1
    Shikari Devi Wildlife Sanctuary

    Mandi is a small district in the hilly state of Himachal Pradesh in India. There are a number of tourist attractions in the district and Shikari Devi ...


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  • Panchvaktra Temple in Mandi#2
    Panchvaktra Temple

    The Panchvaktra Temple has gained massive popularity and emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations. Panchvaktra Temple is located at the...


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  • Shikari Devi Temple in Mandi#3
    Shikari Devi Temple

    Located in the mesmerizing district of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh, The Shikari Devi Temple is an important tourist attraction. It is at a height of 285...


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  • Bhimakali Temple in Mandi#4
    Bhimakali Temple

    An important religious site Bhimakali temple, Mandi is situated on the banks of river Beas. Bhima kali is the main goddess of this beautiful temple wh...


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  • Bhootnath Temple in Mandi#5
    Bhootnath Temple

    Enshrining the Lord of lords, no crutches of introduction are required for Bhootnath Temple. It is a famous Hindu temple in Mandi district of Himachal...


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  • Kamru Nag Temple in Mandi#6
    Kamru Nag Temple

    Kamru Nag Temple or Kamrunag Temple is a famous temple in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. It is dedicated to Lord Kamrunag, the local guardian dei...


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  • Pandoh Dam in Mandi#7
    Pandoh Dam

    Pandoh Dam is an embankment in Mandi. It is an earthen dam that stands on the River Beas. This dam was built in 1977 and was listed under the part of ...


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  • Simsa Mata Temple in Mandi#8
    Simsa Mata Temple

    Simsa Mata Temple is a famous Hindu temple in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It lies in the region of Mandi and enshrines Goddess Simsa. This t...


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  • Prashar Lake in Mandi#9
    Prashar Lake

    The deep blue water at this beautiful lake is held sacred to the sage Prashar. A three tiered Pagoda-like temple dedicated to the sage lies by the lak...

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  • Rewalsar Lake in Mandi#10
    Rewalsar Lake

    Rewalsar lake is in Mandi district, 24 kms from Mandi town. Shaped quite like a square and with a shoreline of 735 m, this dark jewel rests on a mount...

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  • Parashar Lake in Mandi#11
    Parashar Lake

    Parashar lake is in Mandi district, 40 kms from Mandi town. With deep blue waters, this beautiful lake is held sacred to the sage Parashar. A three-ti...

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  • Ardhanari Temple in Mandi#12
    Ardhanari Temple

    About Ardhanari Temple in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh : The Ardhnari temple at Mandi is, compara- tively, a modern temple. The right half of the stone ima...


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  • Sunken Garden in Mandi#13
    Sunken Garden

    Sunken Garden is a lush green garden in the district of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. It is an amazing place that is located in the foothills of the Dhau...

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