Bee Fall

Bee Fall

  • Pachmarhi
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • India

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Bee Fall, Pachmarhi Overview

Dating back to the era of the Pandavas, Bee Fall is a major tourist attraction in Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh. It is an alluring waterfall that is located amid the lush green surroundings and is a huge crowd puller. The white waters of this waterfall rush down with speed and form a pool as they hit the ground. At present, it is an amazing attraction that never fails to catch the attention of visitors on a huge scale.

It Is Known For:-
1)    Bee Falls is known for its scenic surroundings. The lush green vegetation makes it a must-visit site in Pachmarhi hill station.

2)    This waterfall is located near the holy caves of Pandavas. It is said that during the exile period, the Pandavas resided in those caves and used to draw water from Bee Falls.

3)    The nearby region of this waterfall is a great spot where people can succumb to nature.

4)    It also serves as a major source of water for Pachmarhi. A modern canal system has been constructed that provides the water for different purposes.

Best Time To Visit:-
Bee Falls never fails to draw tourists from different parts of Pachmarhi. Its geographical pulchritude and serenity attract visitors similar to a magnet that attracts the iron. This waterfall can be visited during any season of the year but to make the visit unforgettable, the righteous time is during monsoon. It is the season when the real beauty of this waterfall can be witnessed as the flow of the water is increased.

Reaching There:-
Bee Falls can be reached conveniently by hiring the service of the local transit like the bus and taxi that is frequently available for visitors.

Nearest Railway Station:- Pipariya Railway Station
Nearest Airport:- Bhopal Airport

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