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Priyadarshini, Pachmarhi Overview

You are going to want to ensure that you are heading to Priyadarshini (Forsyth Point), Pachmarhi whenever you are planning to visit Madhya Pradesh. This is a great place to enjoy nature and you can see the surrounding area and this is a great hill station to visit for a weekend getaway. This is a place where you can commune with nature and you won't ever forget how you felt when you came to this area.


Visitor Information:


The trip to Priyadarshini (Forsyth Point), Pachmarhi is a great place to go where you can enjoy the views of the hills that are surrounding you. There isn't going to be any fee to access this area and you would be able to take all of the pictures and videos that you want. Make sure that you are thinking about this and that you are dressing appropriately for the weather when you come here since the wind can make it a bit chillier than normal.


Things to Do:


There isn't going to be a lot that you would be able to do when you come to Priyadarshini (Forsyth Point), Pachmarhi since it is primarily a viewpoint for the area. However, this is a great place to see the entire area and you are going to want to make sure that you are enjoying it and it can take some time to get sick of the view.




You are also going to want to know when you can come here and you can come and visit this attraction at any point during the day. However, if you want to be able to see the surrounding land you are going to want to come during the day. If you come at night you won’t be able to see the gorgeous hills that are surrounding you or even experience the peace that is found here.




This area was first discovered back in 1857, which is how the name of the attraction was named for. It was named for Captain James Forsyth and it was only after this that the location was named as a resort and as a hill station. The additional name of Priyadarshini was named after the former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and it was said that she once visited this area.


Best Time to Visit:


This is a location that you can come and visit any time of the year, but if you want to get the best views, then you are going to want to come during the summer or wintertime. This means that the ideal time to visit is between March and June and again from September until February. This is because during the monsoons that the rain could affect your views and you wouldn’t be able to easily walk up the short distance to the viewing area.


How to Reach?


This is going to be very easy to access and once you get to Pachmarhi, then you can book a local taxi to drive you to the location. Once you reach you are going to have to walk around 400 meters to reach Priyadarshini (Forsyth Point), Pachmarhi where you can enjoy some great views. You are going to want to reach the city of Pachmarhi first before you can come here and you can reach it by vehicle, air or even train.


If you are coming by air, then you are going to need to fly into Bhopal, which is around 195 kilometers from the city. Once you arrive at Bhopal you can either book a taxi or hop on a bus to get to the city. If you are coming by train, then the station that you are going to want to reach is Piparia. You can get direct trains to this station from Chennai, Mumbai, and Howrah and if you are coming from anywhere else, then you are going to want to hit Itarsi station and then connect to Piparia.


Another way that you can reach the city is by road, which can be done by bus or by shared taxi or vehicle. You should think about how you want to go since the fare by bus is around Rs 20 and it would take some 2 hours to reach and there are buses that leave on a regular basis. The taxi that you book would be MPTDC and they can cost you around Rs 500 to Rs 600 and there are also private Jeeps you can book that would cost you around Rs 100 per person or Rs 500 for the entire trip.


Nearby Attractions:


When you are hitting up Priyadarshini (Forsyth Point), Pachmarhi you are also going to want to know what else there is to do nearby. Some of the top attractions that you should ensure that you are checking out include:

• Jata Shankar Caves

• Bee Falls

• Dhoopgarh

• Pandava Caves

• HandiKhoh

• Mahadeo Hill

• Satpura National Park

• Duchess Falls

• Chauragarh Temple

• ApsaraVihar

• Bade Mahadev

• Reechgarh

• RajatPrapat Waterfall

• Christ Church

• GuptMahadev


These are only a few of the closest attractions in the city and you should make sure that you are visiting them. These can give you a full experience of the city and they are definitely locations that you aren't going to want to miss while you are in the area.


You should always make sure that Priyadarshini (Forsyth Point), Pachmarhi is on your list of attractions that you need to see during your lifetime. This is going to be a place where you can relax and enjoy nature while enjoying a stunning view that you might only ever see once. You should make sure that you know when to come and how you can get here, which can be done easily if you have planned in advance. This is a historical place and Indira Gandhi once visited here and it is named after her along with the man who discovered it before it was a well-known hill station.


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