Kenong Rimba Park

Kenong Rimba Park

  • Pahang
  • Malaysia
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Kenong Rimba Park, Pahang Overview

Kenong Rimba Park, Pahang, is in the Kenong Valley and is a fascinating place for those who wish to visit the best wildlife reserves in Malaysia . This place is sure to leave an indelible imprint in your memory on the virtue of its scenic beauty. This place is home to some incredible limestone caves that have the Kenong River flowing swiftly below. The serenity and silence that pervades the air are occasionally interrupted by the twirping of the feathery friends and the rippling sound of the water. Kenong Rimba Park, Pahang, presents an almost idyllic and magical ambience where you won't mind losing yourself. At Kenong Rimba Park, Pahang, you will be able to sight some unique and beautiful varieties of orchids that hang on to the bigger trees, drawing nourishment from them. You can also come across the tallest recorded tree of the tropical rainforest known as the Tualang in this park. Besides the profuse growth of the huge ficus tree, you can also get to see the pink and white water lilies growing in abundance. Kenong Rimba Park, Pahang, acts as a shelter for many a mammal like the porcupine, deer, Malayan tapir and the elephant. Among the commonly spotted birds are dove, merbah red eye and merba mata merah. Murai batu is of high values because of its ability to sing mellifluously.

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