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IDMS Tours invites you to be part of a traveling tradition Nestled in the Indian Ocean in southern Asia, the tropical island country Sri Lanka has a history dating back to the birth of time. A place where the original soul of Buddhism is still alive and where Mother Nature remains abundant and untouched, Sir Lanka is simply a thing to be experienced. Very few places in this world can offer travellers a spectacular combination of picturesque landscapes, pristine beaches, amazing cultural heritage and truly unique experiences. Home to 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Sri Lanka tourism is truly captivating.

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Day wise Itinerary

  • Day 1 : Grand Srilanka Tour

    On arrival Negombo International Airport, IDMS Tours Travel representative will welcome you at the Airport and proceed to the hotel in Negombo & check in (your check in time at the Hotel is 1200 hrs, early check in is subject to room availability and on request)

    Relax for the day after check into the hotel.

    If you have time you can Negombo the fishing village and to see some tourist attractions.

    Overnight stay at Negombo.

  • Day 2 : Pinnawela- Anuradhapura

    Morning breakfast at hotel.

    Later we drive to Anuradhapura.

    On the way we visit the Pinnawela elephant orphanage.

    Elephant Orphanage, an institution that has been looking after orphaned or injured elephants that would otherwise have surely died. If you leave the hotel early, then you can watch the elephant's bath in the river after the youngest babies are milk fed. This orphanage is the home for about 60 elephants, out of which many are baby elephants found, abandoned or orphaned in the wild. They are being cared, fed and trained by the wild life authorities. The best time to visit is during the feeding times, when one will have the opportunity of seeing the baby elephants being bottle-fed. Also could accompany the elephants to a river close-by and see the elephants having their daily bath.

    Thereafter we proceed to Anuradhapura.

    On arrival Anuradhapura, we check in at your Hotel

    Rest of the day at your leisure

    Overnight in the Hotel

  • Day 3 : Anuradhapura City

    Morning breakfast at hotel.

    Later we have sightseeing of the Anuradhapura Cultural sites.

    Anuradhapura is the birthplace of Sinhala civilization & one of the world's largest archaeological sites. It is considered as the greatest monastic city of the ancient world, & was founded in the 5th century BC.

    Rest of the day at your leisure

    Overnight in the Hotel

  • Day 4 : Anuradhapura /Kilinochchi /Jaffna (140 Kms/3 & ½ hrs)

    Morning breakfast in the hotel.

    Later we drive to Jaffna (Approx. travel time 3 h 30 min)

    Jaffna is the capital city of the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. It is the administrative headquarters of the Jaffna district located on a peninsula of the same name. With a population of 88,138, Jaffna is Sri Lanka's 12th largest city

    On the way we visit Kannaki Amman temple and Iranamadu Tank.

    Iranamadu Tank located within 8km from the city of Kilinochchi. This Tank is one of the largest man made reservoirs in Sri Lanka. While the water capacity of the water reservoir is about 131.4 mcm, has 227 sq miles of water catchment area. As soon as Sri Lanka was ensured as a popular tourist destination, Iranamadu tank is a place to be visited on your way to North of Sri Lanka. Mostly the people around Kilinochchi district are facilitated with irrigation services, sanitation services and as a traditional fishing ground. The Iranamadu tank or the Ranamdu tank is an original brainchild of King Dhatusena. He made another four reservoirs in north of Sri Lanka named Kanakaryankulam tank, Muthiyankattu tank, Kayanth tank and finally Iranamadu tank.

    The focus towards Vanni area of Sri Lanka has increased with the dawn of the peaceful environment. The Vattapalai Kannakki Amman temple is a dedication for Goddess, Kannaki Amman. The shrine is open for religious enthusiasts from every part of the world. It is worshipped by both Buddhists and Hindus since from the beginning.

    Significantly the temple was built in memory of the arrival of deity Kannaki to Sri Lanka. It is said that an angry Kannaki from Madurai came to Sri Lanka and travelled around 10 chosen places of Sri Lanka. She was angry, but at the end of the journey she became conciliatory and matronly.

    Check in to the Hotel and relax for the day.

    Rest of the day at your leisure

    Overnight in the Hotel

  • Day 5 : Jaffna

    Morning breakfast at hotel.

    Today we have full day relax in Jaffna and visit the Jaffna town.

    Rest of the day at your leisure

    Overnight in the Hotel

  • Day 6 : Jaffna /Mannar /Jaffna

    Morning breakfast at hotel

    Later we drive to Mannar

    Mannar Island is a dry and barren peninsula located in the district of Mannar. Though called an islet, it is in fact a peninsula formed in the shape of a tongue. Talaimannar, the westernmost tip of the island, is almost connected to the Dhanuskodi, the easternmost tip of the peninsula of Southern India by a reef of corals submerged in the Palk Straits.

    Places to visit on the way to Mannar;

    St. Mary’s Church at Madhu

    St. Mary’s Church at Madhu (Shrine of Our Lady of Madhu) is located 50km south-east of Mannar. It is a 12 km drive (A 378 Madhu Road) inland off the A14 Madawachchiya –Talaimannar main road from the Madhu Road junction.

    Baobab Trees

    Mannar Island is one of the few places in Sri Lanka where Baobab trees thrive in. Baobab is a unique species of trees: the enormous barrel like trunk (could grow up to a diameter of 9 meters) that taper into the branches is hollow. When the leaves are shed, the dry tree appears as if it is planted upside down. The rough and greyish bark of the tree resembles the hide of an elephant. The fruit of the Baobab tree is savoured by monkeys. Catholics in Mannar named the fruit as the Juda’s Bag, while the fruit contains 30 seeds.

    Giant’s Tank

    The cultivation in the Mannar district is sustained by 347 minor ancient irrigation reservoirs and three major ancient reservoirs; namely the Giant’s Tank, Akathimuripu Tank and the Viduyakulam Tank.Giant’s Tank, the largest ancient irrigation reservoir in the district of Mannar, sprawls over an area of 3800 hectares and is found by the side of the A14 Madawachchiya –Talaimannar main road. Bordering the tank from the north-east to the south-east is the Giant’s Tank Sanctuary that has its southern boundary skirting the main motor road all the way: This evergreen dry zone is a densely wooded jungle. On the other side of the road are paddy fields.

    We return back the hotel

    Overnight in the Hotel

  • Day 7 : Jaffna

    Morning breakfast at hotel

    Full day at your own at leisure.

    Overnight in the Hotel

  • Day 8 : Jaffna /Delft Island

    Morning breakfast in the Hotel.

    Later we drive to Neduntheevu (Delft Island).

    Nedunateevu is a small island located in Jaffna, Sri lanka. The island was called as Delft island by the Dutch colonials. The island expands for about 50 sq. km. This flat and oval shaped island is usually wind-swept. After reaching to Kurikadduwan, you can take a ferry to the Delft Island. You can see a group of ponies scattering in the ground.

    The island is surrounded with shallow water and few kinds of aquatic fishes. Palmyra palm trees, dry shrubs and semi-arid tropical type plants can be seen. To the west of the island you can see a ruined complex of south Indian cola Architecture. A ruined Dagoba, is positioned beside the ruins. A pigeon house made by Portuguese, still exists.

    Afternoon we return drive back to Jaffna

    Overnight in the Hotel

  • Day 9 : Jaffna /Dambulla

    Morning breakfast at hotel

    Later we drive to Dambulla

    On arrival Dambulla, we proceed to Hotel for check in

    Later we have sightseeing pg Dambulla.

    The Dambulla Rock Temple, famous Dambulla rock temple dating to the 1st Century BC., served as the refuge to King Valagambahu of Anuradhapura in 1st Century BC. The five grotto shrines contain numerous images of Buddha and guardian deities. The frescoes on the walls and ceilings date back to the Kandyan period. ie. 15th to 18th centuries. The view from top of the rock is breathtaking.

    Rest of the day at your leisure

    Overnight in the Hotel

  • Day 10 : Dambulla /Plolonnaruwa

    Morning breakfast in the hotel.

    Later we have full day excursion to Plolonnaruwa

    We visit the ancient city of Plolonnaruwa .

    Sri Lanka’s splendid medieval capital was established as the first city of the land in the 11th Century, A.D. It replaced Anuradhapura, which was plundered, made desolate and laid hopelessly bare to the invading armies from South India.

    Parakrama Samudraya in Polonnaruwa

    Parakrama Samudraya (Sinhala: Sea of Parakrama) built by King Parakramabahu the great, is the largest ancient man-made rainwater reservoir in Sri Lanka while it dominates the western flank of the Polonnaruwa district. The great reservoir spreading over an area of 2500 hectares and having a capacity of 134 million cubic meters of water is the lifeline to the agricultural district of Polonnaruwa and its surroundings. The ancient city of Polonnaruwa, 122 hectares in extent, spreading out to a distance of 5km from north to south and 3km from east to west, is also the beneficiary of cooling breezes of the Parakrama Samudraya.

    Statue of King Parakramabahu in Polonnaruwa

    On the Southern side of the Parakrama Samudraya and South of picturesque lakeside Rest house is another well known Polonnaruwa monument: a striking rock carved statue of a man of noble disposition holding a stack of manuscripts.

    Palace of King Parakramabahu in Polonnaruwa

    Enclosed by ramparts that are four leagues long and seven leagues wide, the Royal Citadel has many interesting monuments. Palace of King Parakramabahu must have been an imposing edifice once, richly decorated and seven storeys high. The remaining walls of the palace are of extra-ordinary thickness and the drainage system is intriguing. A little further on, is the handsome royal bath, the Kumara Pokuna. Across the way is the beautiful Royal Audience Hall – embellished with lion portals, graceful pillars and a moonstone. (a delicately carved stepping stone).

    Drive back to the hotel in Dambulla

    Overnight in the Hotel

  • Day 11 : Dambulla /Sigiriya

    Morning breakfast at hotel.

    Later we drive to Sigiriya

    On arrival Sigiriya, we proceed to Hotel & check in

    Later proceed to visit Sigiriya Rock fortress.

    ‘Rock Fortress in the sky” built in the 5th century AD by the parricide king Kasyappa. The archeological findings bear testimony to a well-developed urban planning, architecture, gardening, engineering, hydraulic technology and art. ‘The celestial ladies’ of Sigiriya, the mirror wall and the lion’s stair way bear testimony to the splendour of a bygone era. Sigiriya has been declared a world heritage by UNESCO.

    In the evening session enjoy the elephant back riding in Habarana.

    Check in to the hotel.

    Overnight in hotel.

  • Day 12 : Sigiriya

    Morning breakfast in the Hotel.

    Full day relax at the hotel. Later we have a village tour at Sigiriya.

    Overnight in the Hotel

  • Day 13 : Sigiriya /Cultural dance /Kandy

    Morning breakfast in the hotel

    Later we proceed to Kandy via Matale where you can find spice gardens.

    We visit the spice garden in Matale to see many different types of spices Sri Lanka is famous for. Just 25 km from the hill capital of Kandy, the Matale spice gardens are among the best on the island. You will be introduced to different spices and shown how some of these spices are grown and processed.

    Check in to the hotel. Evening session visit cultural dance show at Kandy.

    Overnight in the Hotel

  • Day 14 : Kandy

    Breakfast in the Hotel

    In the morning visit temple of tooth.

    Visit Temple of Tooth Relic at the evening. Kandy is the center of Sinhalese culture and Buddhism in Sri Lanka. The Dalada Maligawa, the Temple of the sacred tooth relic occupies a place of pride and devotion. The lake of Kandy adds charm and serenity to the ancient royal city. From the Upper Lake drive the visitor could enjoy a bird’s view of the city of Kandy as well.

    Visit Peradeniya botanical garden.

    The Royal Botanic Gardens Peradeniya is well known for its large variety of plant life. Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens at Peradeniya, which was initiated in 1816 by the British, today it is famous for its collection of plants from all over the world, the avenue of the spices and of the Royal Palm Trees and still more for its fabulous collection of orchids..

    Visit Kandy city & bazaar and return to the hotel.

    Overnight in the Hotel

  • Day 15 : Kandy/Kithulgala white water rafting

    Morning breakfast in the Hotel

    Later we drive to Kithulgala.

    Do the white water rafting at Kithulgala. White Water Rafting Experience in Kithulgala covering 5 major rapids and 4 minor rapids. This activity is for anyone above the age of 10 years with safety gear and modern rafts. Comprehensive safety briefing will be given. The distance covered is around 5 Km’s. The river and its surrounding will make you feel enchanted, with a memorable experience during your White Water Rafting Tour in Kithulgala.

    Check into the hotel for the overnight stay.

  • Day 16 : Kithulgala /Nuwara Eliya

    Morning breakfast in the Hotel.

    Later we leave for Nuwara Eliya. En-route visits the Ramboda waterfall.

    On arrival Nuwara Eliya, we proceed for check in at the Hotel

    Later we have sightseeing of Nuwara Eliya

    We visit a Tea Factory and see how black tea is manufactured and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of Ceylon tea. Arrive in Nuwara Eliya the summer capital. In the afternoon visit the ‘little England’ created by the British tea planters in the 19th century. Nuwara Eliya at an altitude of 2000 meters is the summer capital attracting visitors throughout the year. The 18 hole golf course is considered to be the most picturesque in whole of Asia. The Victorian style buildings, the old race course and Lake Gregory are reminiscent of the British rule.

    Overnight in the Hotel.

  • Day 17 : Nuwara Eliya / Horton plains

    Morning breakfast in the Hotel

    Later we proceed for Horton Plains to see the World’s End, you will have to start the journey by 4.00 am. Once you reach Horton Plains, you will have to walk 9 Km’s round trip to cover the world’s end.

    Horton Plains National Park is a protected area in the central highlands of Sri Lanka and is covered by grassland and cloud forest. The Horton Plains are the headwaters of three major Sri Lankan rivers, the Mahaweli river (longest river in Sri Lanka), Kelani river (which ends in Colombo City) and Walawe river. Horton Plains is a popular tourist destination, with sheer cliff of World's End being the key attraction. It’s a sheer precipice with a 2,854ft drop. Horton Plains is also a participatory camping location so that guests are involved in the whole process of setting up the camp. (Overnight Camping can be arrange upon request and before arrival to Sri Lanka) Due to the altitude of the park, be prepared for sometimes cold, windy weather and rain as well. But the rain is very seasonal.

    In the evening visit the world famous Sri Lankan Tea Plantation and Tea factory. And you will have a city tour in Nuwara Eliya.

    Overnight in the Hotel

  • Day 18 : Nuwara Eliya

    Morning breakfast at hotel

    Full day relax in Nuwara Eliya with few cups of Ceylon tea.

    Overnight in hotel.

  • Day 19 : Nuwara Eliya /Ella /Yala

    Morning breakfast at hotel.

    Later we proceed to Yala.

    On the way we will have a train ride from Nanu Oyo to Ella.

    Then travel to Yala end-route visit the Ella gap and Rawana waterfall.

    On arrival Yala, we proceed to hotel for Check in.

    Overnight In the Hotel

  • Day 20 : Yala

    Morning breakfast at hotel

    Today we have the full Day Safari at yala,

    One of the island's most popular wildlife parks, where you could see all most all the animals which are found in Sri Lanka.

    If you are lucky, you can see the leopards.

    Return back to Hotel for relazation.

    Overnight in the Hotel

  • Day 21 : Yala /Galle

    Morning breakfast in the Hotel

    Later we drive to Galle

    On your way, we will visit Matara fort as well.

    And there are few Temples on the way where you may stop to watch them. Galle fort which was built first in 1588 by the Portuguese, then extensively fortified by the Dutch during the 17th century (from 1649 onwards). It is a historical, archaeological and architectural heritage monument, which even after more than 423 years.

    On arrival Galle, we proceed to Hotel for check in

    Overnight in the Hotel

  • Day 22 : Galle

    Morning breakfast in the Hotel

    Full day at your own at relaxation

    Overnight in the Hotel

  • Day 23 : Galle/ Turtle hatchery / Bentota

    Morning breakfast in the Hotel

    Later we drive to Bentota.

    Bentota is a coastal town in Sri Lanka, located in the Galle District of the Southern Province, governed by an Urban Council. It is approximately 65 kilometres south of Colombo and 56 kilometres north of Galle

    On the way we visit the Galle fort and a turtle hatchery.

    On arrival Bentota, we proceed to Hotel & check in

    Overnight in the Hotel

  • Day 24 : Bentota

    Morning breakfast in the Hotel

    Today is your full day at your own activities.

    Beach Stay with many choices of spending your time. Leisurely strolling on the Golden Beaches enthralled in the magical atmosphere. Lazing on a Sun deck reading a book of your choice, and sipping a cool fresh tropical fruit drink of pine apple, Mango, Banana.

    Water skiing, Wind Surfing, Snorkelling or cutting through the choppy on a jet water scooter and Dolphin and Diving, Glass Bottom Boat Trip and much more.

    Overnight in the Beach Hotel.

  • Day 25 : Bentota

    Morning breakfast in the Hotel

    Full day at your own at leisure on the beach

    Overnight in the Beach Hotel

  • Day 26 : Bentota/ Colombo

    Morning breakfast at hotel.

    Later we drive Colombo city.

    Colombo- the capital of Sri Lanka is the largest city and main port of Sri Lanka. It is also the commercial and financial centre of Sri Lanka. A bustling metropolis, the city is an attractive blend of old and new. It has the lazy charm of the bygone era combined with the verve and vivaciousness of a modern city.

    On arrival Colombo we proceed to Hotel & check in

    Later we you will have a City tour and Shopping.

    Overnight in the Hotel

  • Day 27 : Colombo City

    Morning breakfast at hotel.

    Full day leisure.

    Overnight at hotel.

  • Day 28 : Colombo Departure

    Morning breakfast in the Hotel

    Later we assist you and transfer to International Airport to board your International flight for onward destination.

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