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Tourist Attraction in Sagres

Sagres is very rich in beautiful sceneries that not tranquilize our senses but a deep insight into its past. The attractive beaches surrounded with crystal clear ocean water and strong waves makes Sagres perfect for various water sports. Wind surfing, water surfing, body boarding and water skiing are some of the sports that ranks high on the to-do list of tourists. Even golf and horse riding are equally famous because of the rugged terrain that gives totally a new experience to one.


Sagres is a heaven on earth for sports men. There are number of activities for people who are daring and adventurous like water surfing, body boarding, water skiing, golf, horse riding, wind surfing etc. The place fills a lot of vitality and youthfulness in oneself.

Best Places to visit :

The major tourists attractions in Sagres are : -

    a) Cove Beach : - is a renowned beach of Portugal which takes you far away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The vast stretch of sand merging with the blue water is a perfect sight for captivating anyone and breaking the humdrum of routine life. You can spend some of the cherished times of life especially when the sunsets and the night arrives. This beach is ideal spot for fishing and swimming.

    b) Sagres Natura Surfcamp : - it was developed to promote sports which can be practiced in and around Sagres. It is located on the south-western point of Portugal. It is an ultimate place for sports enthusiast.

    c) Cantaro Magro : - is also one of the main attraction for tourists coming to Sagres.

    d) Nevosa : - is the highest point on the Ger’s mountain located in the northern part. It is amazingly 1534 meters high and a sensitive place indeed.

    e) Fortaleza de Sagres : - is two kilometers south of Sagres. This fortress played a vital role in the golden history of Portugal. Ealier, Romans used to call it as “Home of God” because of its rocky structure.

    f) St. Vincent Cape : - is an amazing place where the land ends and the sea begins, soaring high waves perform a majestic show before you.

    Cove Beach is one of the well known beaches of Portugal. They are an ideal place for all those who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city lif...

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    Sagres Natura Surfcamp was developed to promote outdoor sporting activities that can be practised in and around Sagres. Specialising in surfing, Sag...

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    'Nevosa' is the highest point on the Ger's Mountains on the north of Portugal (Penega-Ger's National Park). It's 1534 meters high and to get there you...

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