Chalong Beach

Chalong Beach

  • Phuket
  • Thailand
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Chalong Beach, Phuket Overview

Chalong Beach is one of the well known beaches of Phuket. It is the Islands largest bay and a chief point for anchoring boats. The chief attraction of Chalong Beach is the long pier, which is the main point of departure for fishing, snorkeling and diving trips. - One can get various boats on hire that can take you on a ride out in the sea or to a nearby island. These boats are really low costing and affordable for any one. - Due to the muddy bottom and various numbers of boats being anchored here and there, Chalong Beach is not a good place to enjoy a swim. - Inland, one can find various bars and restaurants, where one can have food at cheap prices. One can also attend a yoga class that is carried out in this area. - Mittrapap beach that is in south tip of Chalong, filled with natural exquisiteness attracts most of the visitors of Chalong. In addition, the beach is imbedded with lush blue sea water and whitest sands. - Several trips and tours are offered for this lovely place. If you ask any travel agent about the prettiest place in the region then Chalong will be the most eminent names.

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