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  • Laguna Beach in California
    Laguna Beach

    Laguna Beach: Beauty at its Best Laguna Beach, one of the perfect destinations for vacation for famous and rich people, is a fantabulous beach of Ame...

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  • Sentinel Fall (Mariposa) in California
    Sentinel Fall (Mariposa)

    Sentinel Falls is a long series of cascades descending into Yosemite Valley alongside Sentinel Rock.It is a tiered waterfall consisting of 6 major dro...


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  • Robert Louis Stevenson Museum in California
    Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

    Robert Louis Stevenson Museum is situated at the residence of the Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson in Sonoma. The Sonoma people who enjoyed his ...


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  • Snow Creek Falls (Mariposa) in California
    Snow Creek Falls (Mariposa)

    Snow Creek Falls is the second tallest waterfall in Yosemite National Park. The falls consist of two near vertical drops separated by a stretch of ver...


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  • Mount Whitney in California
    Mount Whitney

    Mount Whitney is the highest peak in the contiguous United States. It rises from the Owens Valley on the eastern border of the Sequoia National Park, ...


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  • Ribbon Fall (Mariposa) in California
    Ribbon Fall (Mariposa)

    Ribbon Fall, located in Yosemite National Park in California, flows off a cliff on the west side of El Capitan, and is the largest single-drop waterfa...


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  • New Port Beach in California
    New Port Beach

    If you have that restless streak in you, that seeks variety in life, then head towards the New Port Beach in California. This urban beach has a specta...


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  • Lehamite Falls (Mariposa) in California
    Lehamite Falls (Mariposa)

    Lehamite Falls is located in Yosemite National Park. It consists of a long series of steep cascades that fall 1,180 feet into Yosemite Valley, in a ma...


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  • Nevada Fall(Mariposa) in California
    Nevada Fall(Mariposa)

    Nevada Fall [1] is a 594 ft (181 m) high waterfall on Merced River in Yosemite National Park, California. It is located below the granite dome, Libert...


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  • Crater Mountain (June Lake ) in California
    Crater Mountain (June Lake )

    Crater Mountain is located 3 miles SE of Jack Mountain in the western margin of the Pasayten Wilderness. The mountain is volcanic greenstone and has a...


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  • Del Mar Beaches in California
    Del Mar Beaches

    Del Mar Beaches are the chief point of attraction that allures visitors to the city of Del Mar. There are three beautiful beaches in Del Mar. All thre...


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  • Thunderbolt-Peak (Stockton ) in California
    Thunderbolt-Peak (Stockton )

    Thunderbolt Peak is a steep rock peak, rising from the Palisade Crest, immediately northwest of North Palisade (14,242 ft.). The steep monolithic summ...


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  • Bassi Falls in California
    Bassi Falls

    Bassi Falls is a waterfall in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, to the west of Lake Tahoe in the El Dorado County, California. It falls for nearly 100...


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  • Algonquin Peak (Ontario) in California
    Algonquin Peak (Ontario)

    New York State's second highest peak. Named by Verplanck Colvin in 1873 while he was survaying it. The summit cap is well above tree line and offers v...


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  • Salmon Creek Falls (Monterey) in California
    Salmon Creek Falls (Monterey)

    The Salmon Creek trail begins on the south side of the bridge. Follow the trail for about 5 minutes until it comes to a cleared out area (looks like a...


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  • Polemonium Peak in California
    Polemonium Peak

    Named after the lovely, small, blue flower found at altitude. Secor gives the height as 14,080+ feet. Nice view from summit ridge of small, south-faci...


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  • Playa Blanca Beach in California
    Playa Blanca Beach

    Playa Blanca Beach is at a distance of around 25kms from the city of Liberia, in California. It is around 1m long and is a perfect holiday destination...


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  • Limekiln Falls (Monterey) in California
    Limekiln Falls (Monterey)

    Limekiln Falls is spectacular. It pours 100 feet down a wall of limestone, and fans out very wide at the base. You can scramble up and get very close ...

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  • Mount Langley in California
    Mount Langley

    Mt. Langley is the southernmost of the 14,000' peaks in California. From the Cottonwood Lakes Trailhead (9,900'), hike to Cottonwood Lakes. From the 1...


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  • Feather Falls (Sacramento ) in California
    Feather Falls (Sacramento )

    The water falls 640 feet down as the Feather River makes its way down the canyons into the valley below. Feather Falls, the sixth highest waterfall in...

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  • Mount Muir in California
    Mount Muir

    A rather undistinguished peak to be named after the father of the Sierra Club, Mount Muir is one of the many spikes that rises on the east side of the...


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  • Laja Falls in California
    Laja Falls

    It is a spectacular cascade formed by the abundant waters of the Laja River. The river flows into a deep rocky canyon that has been drilled into by th...


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  • Mission Beach in California
    Mission Beach

    Mission Beach is center of the Strand (a long stretch of beach that stretches over 2 miles from Mission Bay channel entrance to the Pacific Beach in t...


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  • Encinitas Beach in California
    Encinitas Beach

    Encinitas Beach got its name from the term Encina Canada i.e. hills of live oaks in Spanish. The beach is full of trees and flowers that make the ambi...


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  • Rapids and Wine Tasting in California
    Rapids and Wine Tasting

    In addition to the dinner options, River and Rock Adventures also offers wine-tasting in camp. After a day on the river, campers will be treated to th...


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  • Mount Sill (Big Pine) in California
    Mount Sill (Big Pine)

    Mount Sill is the fifth highest mountain in California. It rises on the Palisade Crest, separated from North Palisade by a dip in the ridge. Though it...


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  • Middle Palisade (Stockton) in California
    Middle Palisade (Stockton)

    The east face of Middle Palisade towers above the South Fork Basin of Big Pine Creek. The Middle Palisade Glacier lies at it's base. From the small to...


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  • Darwin Falls (Big Pine) in California
    Darwin Falls (Big Pine)

    Darwin Falls is a waterfall located western edge of Death Valley National Park near the settlement of Panamint Springs, California. Although there exi...


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  • North Palisade (Stockton) in California
    North Palisade (Stockton)

    North Palisade is the fourth highest mountain in California. It rises from the dramatic Palisade Crest, which holds five of the Sierra Nevada's eleven...


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  • Serra Dos Orgaos National Park in California
    Serra Dos Orgaos National Park

    The Serra dos rgaos National Park is sited in Terespolis, the sierra region of the state, at 90 km from Rio de Janeiro and has an area of 11,000 hecta...


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  • La Jolla Beaches in California
    La Jolla Beaches

    La Jolla beaches are among the best scenic beaches all over the globe. Its sunny Mediterranean climate is an important feature that led to its vast po...


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  • Staircase Falls (Mariposa) in California
    Staircase Falls (Mariposa)

    Located on an ephemeral watercourse behind Curry Village, this waterfall is practically never admired. The falls drop over 1000 feet from near Glacier...


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