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  • South Beach in Florida (Fl)#1
    South Beach

    Imagine bright sunshine, clear blue sky, clear blue waters and waves crashing into white sandy shores. Doesn't it sound heavenly? Well, if you want to...

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  • Miami Beach in Florida (Fl)#2
    Miami Beach

    The official name of Miami Beach is the Enterprise beach. It is located in the Miami-Dade County, Florida, in United States. The view of the beautiful...

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  • Cocoa Beach in Florida (Fl)#3
    Cocoa Beach

    Cocoa Beach is a bundle of entertainment and is one of the most fun-filled and affordable beaches in America. Situated in Orlando, Florida, this beach...

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  • Alligator Point Beach in Florida (Fl)#4
    Alligator Point Beach

    Location Alligator point beach is located on the Gulf of Mexico, Northern Florida. Explore Alligator point beach It is one of the best secret pl...


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  • Daytona Beach in Florida (Fl)#5
    Daytona Beach

    Daytona Beach is one of the well known beaches of Florida. It is around 23miles long and has a very rich past. The beach has various hotels ranging fr...


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  • Fort Walton Beach in Florida (Fl)#6
    Fort Walton Beach

    Fort Walton Beach is a beautiful city that is located at Okaloosa County in Florida. This beach is a favorite fishing spot as well as a beach resort. ...


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  • Annes Beach in Florida (Fl)#7
    Annes Beach

    Anne's Beach has been named after the local conservationist Anne Eaton. The beach is located along the road on the MM73.5 Oceanside. Roadside view and...


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  • Naples Beach in Florida (Fl)#8
    Naples Beach

    Floridais well-known for its exotic and magnificent beaches. Amongst the league of South Beach and Palm Beach there is also a very famous, Naples Bea...


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  • Pompano Beach in Florida (Fl)#9
    Pompano Beach

    Pompano Beach is a small city located in the Broward County, Florida. The beach runs along the Atlantic Ocean just north of the famous Fort Lauderdale...


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  • New Smyrna Beach in Florida (Fl)#10
    New Smyrna Beach

    Need a sabbatical from the hustle-bustle of the city life? Then, New Smyrna Beach is an ideal destination to spend some time in solitude and be a part...

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  • Palm Beach in Florida (Fl)#11
    Palm Beach

    How to arrive One will be amazed to know that Palm Beach has own airport, at top of that the airport is international. Direct flights to Palm Beach ...


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