Ming Tombs

Ming Tombs

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Ming Tombs, Beijing Overview

The Ming Tombs can be reckoned as a collection of mausoleums. The beautiful tombs were constructed by Chinese Ming dynasty emperors. There are many Ming Tombs that straddle in groups near Beijing. These are colloquially referred as the Thirteen Tombs of the Ming Dynasty. The first among all tombs constructed is Ming emperor's tomb and is situated in close proximity to Nanjing. The tombs slump within Beijing’s suburban Changping District.


Thoughtful Planning
The site, the southern slope of Tianshou Mountain, where the tombs are located, was selected after a lot of though. The third Ming dynasty emperor relied on feng shui principles to select the site. The objective was to trick the bad spirits and evil winds, which come from the North, into changing their direction. Finally, a valley area characterized by arc-shape located at Jundu Mountains’ foot was chosen!


The Imperial Palace’s work of construction got completed in the year 1420. The Yongle Emperor chose the valley his burial site too. He decided to build his own mausoleum here. The succeeding emperors also decided to build their tombs in the valley. One can see many statues, silk burning stove, Chinese Xin shaped jewelry etc. during ones visit to the Ming Tombs.

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