Mountaineering in the Pyrenees

Mountaineering in the Pyrenees

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Mountaineering in the Pyrenees, Bareges Overview

Pyrenees are a very beautiful range of mountains located in Southwest France and form a natural border between Spain and France. The Pyrenees Mountains extend for 491 miles starting from the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean Sea. The major feature of the Pyrenees Mountain Ranges is that the absence of lakes here is very conspicuous. The passes here are located at high elevation and there are splendid cascading waterfalls that offer a beautiful view to the mountaineers. The Pyrenees offer various recreational sports and activities that include alpine skiing, trekking, mountaineering and bicycling, etc.

The Adventure Of Mountaineering : There exist perfect mountaineering opportunities in the Pyrenees Mountains. Ariege district offers various locations for mountaineering; including an ascent at Roquefixade, just below the remains of the Cathar Castle. The Haute Valley located in Aude offers more than 600 climbing routes. In Troubat, a major crag has been developed to assist the mountaineering undertaken for competitions and recreation. The views from Troubat are spectacular and they leave you with a feeling of tranquility. The Vall'e D'Aure to the further west offers great opportunities for climbing. Even the splendid Cirque de Gavarnie, Aspe and Ossau Valleys have many mountaineering opportunities. While mountaineering, you can view the surrounding scenery and the extraordinary beauty of the snow-capped mountains. The adjacent valleys are abounding in varied flora and fauna that offer a special treat to those who have come to enjoy the sport of mountain climbing. If you are truly an adventure enthusiast, then make sure you go mountaineering in the Pyrenees Mountain ranges and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

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