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Top Travel Destination in Greenland

About Greenland

Greenland is a self-governing Danish province, which is situated between the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. It is the world's largest Island and also the world's largest dependent territory in terms of area. Though geographically, Greenland is associated with North America but historically it is associated with Europe. In recent years, Greenland has turned into one of the major tourist destinations in the world. Hearing the name Greenland, you would think the place to be full of greenery but the fact is that 81% of the land is occupied by Greenland ice sheets.

Though being covered by ice for a longer part of year, it still offers various tourist attractions. Not only this, it also houses various snow sports, which attracts large number of tourist to this country.

Area :

2,166,086 square km (836,109 square miles)

Population :


Language :

Greenlandic (Kalaallisut), Danish

Calling Code :


Time Zone :

(UTC+0 to ?4)

Tourist Attractions of Greenland :

Below listed are some of the most important Attractions fo Greenlands :-

     Apussuit Adventure Camp : - Apussuit Adventure Camp is the biggest ski sport resort in Greenland. It has a direct access to the apussuit glacier (1000m). If you are a skier than you would certainly enjoy skiing here.

     Heliski Maniitsoq : - It is the chief base of heli skiing operations. The place is surrounded by various high mountains. Not only skiing, you can also enjoy the enchanting view of the glacier covered islands and ocean from here.

     The Fjord of Eternity : - The fjord is bordered by various high mountains rising up to 2000meters in height.

     Thule Air Base : - It is the air base of United States of America.

     National Greenland Museum and Archives : - One of the best museums in Greenland.

There are various other attractions like Ilulissat Icefjord, Church of Kap Dan, Kangia Camp, Maniitsoq Museum etc.


Country :


Capital :


Currency :

Danish Krone (DKK).

Chief Attractions :

The Fjord of Eternity.

Climate and Geography

The climate of Greenland is influenced by the large amounts of ice present. The four seasons which prevail in Greenland are Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. The average temperatures of the country vary from place to place. The average temperatures of the area of Nuuk range between -9 degrees C to 7 degrees C (16 degrees F to 45 degrees F).

The French scientist Paul-Emile Victor found that there are 3 large islands beneath the ice covering Greenland. The Northeast Greenland National Park is the largest national park in the world and is situated on the northeast of Greenland.

Wonderful Magical Figures : You can almost hear the sinister sounds emanating from the creature when you look into its staring eyes and monster-like body. You will see it on the shelves or on the desk in one of the town

Wide range : However, there is more to find in Greenland in terms of both historical and contemporary arts and crafts. The museums in various towns feature both permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibitions of a more contemporary nature. Greenlandic art thus ranges from the more traditional approach to modern art produced by well-qualified and experimental artists covering disciplines such as sculpture, painting, installations, the graphic arts and photography. Greenland

Natures materials : Craftsmen utilise Greenland

From drum singing to choral singing : Musicians from Greenland originally played on a drum (qilaat) made from an oval wooden frame covered with the bladder of a polar bear. Unlike other drums, the qilaat was played by hitting the frame with a stick, and not the skin itself. This modest instrument was used for a variety of purposes including entertainment, exorcism and witchcraft. After the missionaries arrived, drum dancing was prohibited and was later replaced by part-singing of psalms and choral works, which today are known for their particular Greenlandic sound. Today drum dance is used as entertainment at cultural events and on festive occasions.

New inspiration from abroad : Greenlandic music is inspired and influenced by music from other cultures. These include Dutch and Scottish polka, American country and rock

From popular music to rap and techno : Popular music did not gain a particular Greenlandic identity until the start of the

Soapstone art : An easily workable stone In former times soapstone was primarily used in articles for everyday use, such as fishing tackle, soapstone lamps and various domestic utensils such as mess tins and other containers. Since that time, however, Greenlandic artists have become aware of the accommodating stone with its attractive and varied nuances. Today each soapstone artist has his own style and personal expression and the stone is inspiring an increasing number of young artists to develop their own techniques.

Soapstone as applied art and tupilaks : Soapstone can be worked into reliefs, flat and reclining figures, jewellery, applied art and tupilaks. In fact it can also be used in the visual arts if the artist polishes one side of the stone to a glossy black surface, and cuts light motifs into this surface. A number of artists mix different types of pastel-coloured soapstone and thereby end up with a completely new expression. Soapstone figures can be exported out of Greenland without restriction and can be bought in all towns at tourist offices and souvenir shops.

The soapstone lamp : The Inuits

The lamps design : In former times the Inuits had large soapstone lamps and mess tins, whilst the earliest Inuit cultures probably only used it to provide light in the turf hut, hide tent or the igloo. In the lamp there were two vessels, one of which was filled with blubber from a seal or whale. When the blubber turned to liquid it ran over the ridge to the wick, which at that time was usually dried mountain hare excrement. The wick was lit in a clever way by one person

Souvenir models create a cosy atmosphere : The majority of tourist offices and souvenir shops today sell miniature models of the soapstone lamp, which are filled with lamp oil. A soapstone lamp can become exceptionally hot, and it is therefore usually placed on an insulated wooden base with a small tripod. Soapstone lamps provide a pleasant light in the home and are a reminder of a past that is actually not all that distant.

Greenlandic jewellery : Beautiful memories Greenlandic jewellery makes a good gift or souvenir. You not only take a piece of Greenlandic natural and cultural history home with you, but you will also have a piece of jewellery that can remind you of an eventful journey. Jewellery from Greenland has a lifelike expression since it is primarily made of bone, claws, reindeer points, teeth and soapstone. The inspiration for the design comes chiefly from Greenland

Greenlandic precious stones : Greenlandic precious stones are popular, and you will find that the most attractive and rarest are of the tugtupit type, which is pink or reddish violet. The only place in the world the stone is found is at Narsaq in Southern Greenland, and it is therefore a real curio amongst collectors. Other stones worthy of mention include the nuummit stone, which is dark brown and shiny, and the gr

Greenlandic Arts & Crafts : Jewellery made in Greenland is often marked with a stamp of authenticity called

Territory & Capital : Greenland is the third largest country in North America. The southeast of Greenland is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the north by the Arctic Ocean, the east by the Greenland Sea, and the west by the Baffin Bay. Greenland is situated between the latitudes 60 degrees and 84 degrees N and longitudes 11 degrees and 74 degrees W. Nuuk is the capital and the largest city of Greenland.

Suitable Visiting Seasons : The best time to visit Greenland, from the point of view of the weather, is the period between May and September, when the sun is up and the ice has melted. However, the northern lights, visible during the period of October and March, also attract the tourists.


There are four international flights every week which connects Greenland to the outside world. The major means of travelling in the country are boats during the summer and dog sleds during the winter.

Tourist & Immigration Info

All non-Danish travelers require visa in order to visit Greenland. Contact the nearest Greenland Embassy for detailed information on the rules of visa.

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