Chinese Temple

Chinese Temple

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Chinese Temple, Bodhgaya Overview

Chinese Temple in Bodh Gaya doesn’t require a special introduction. It is a historic Buddhist monastery and stands near the renowned Mahabodhi Temple. The Chinese Temple in Bodh Gaya was constructed by Buddhist monks. It enshrines a black idol of Buddha that was brought from China. This temple is famous for its Chinese architecture. Many devotees and monks visit this shrine on a huge scale.

It Is Known For:-

1) Chinese Temple is a historic shrine in Bodh Gaya

2) It enshrines a black idol of Buddha. The idol is more than 200-years-old and was brought from China

3) The whole monastery is built in the Chinese style of architecture and has the Pagoda roofs
4) The golden statues of Buddha are also installed within the monastery premises

5) Apart from the idol of Buddha, the preaching of the different Chinese scholars is present in Chinese Temple

6) The monks organize special prayers on the occasion of all Chinese festivals

Best Time To Visit:-

Chinese Temple attracts the pilgrims and visitors alike. Many devotees visit this place, especially on the occasion of the Chinese festivals. It is the best time because the temple is beautifully decorated with Chinese religious flags.

Watch Out!

Chinese Temple is a sacred place and there are certain rules that one should follow. Carrying sharp equipment like knives and cutters isn’t permitted. The temple does charity for the welfare of the needy, ill, and animals.

Reaching There:-

Bodh Gaya is a city with a wide web of connectivity. All major roadways, railways, and airways connect it to Bihar. People reach Bodh Gaya via roadways buses, broad gauge trains, and flights. One can travel within Bodh Gaya via local transit.

Nearest Railway Station - Gaya Railway Station

Nearest Airport - Gaya Airport

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