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Bulandshahr Overview

Bulandshahr is a city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Today, it is counted as a part of the National Capital Region. In the bygone times, Bulandshahr was connected with the Pandavas. After the declination of the city of Hastinapur, Bulandshahr became an integral part for the Pandavas for a shorter period of time. Bulanshahr gloats numerous ancient sculptures within its boundaries.

Bulandshahr is elevated 640 feet above the sea level and cascades across a gross area of 4,441 sq. km. The land of Bulandshahr is craggy and uneven. The climate of Bulandshahr is tropical in nature. It experiences scorching summers and cold winters. The median temperature during the summer season is 37°C and 15°C amid the winters. It receives an annual rainfall of 900 mm.

Though Bulandshahr was ruled by different dynasties but, it houses a limited number of ruined ancient architectures. The places like Ahar, Anupshahr, Belon, Khurja and Karnavas are the notable historical places that have a lot to narrate about the former times to the tourists.

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