Surya Mandir (Sun Temple)

Surya Mandir (Sun Temple)

  • Gwalior
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • India
  • Timings 6 30 AM - 12 00 PM and 1 00 PM to 6 00 PM
  • Time Required Around 1 hour
  • Entry Fee Free

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Surya Mandir (Sun Temple), Gwalior Overview

Sun God is one of the most powerful Gods worshipped by the Hindus. Across the country, there are many temples dedicated to the Sun Temple and one such temple is located in the city of Gwalior on Madhya Pradesh. The Surya Mandir (Sun Temple), Gwalior is one of the most beautiful and stunning pieces of architecture and splendor built in this city. This temple in red sandstone and white marble is a statement in itself and helps you enjoy the true beauty of the temple.


Traveler Tips


When you are visiting the Sun Temple, there are some tips that you should keep in mind as a traveler. These are:

• The evening becomes more enchanting when you visit the temple during the evening aarti time

• You need to keep a close tab at your belongings as there is a lot of crowds

• It is beneficial you dress up a bit conservatively in the temple precinct

• Avoid wearing too expensive shoes as you will have to keep them out




Built-in the year 1984, the Sun Temple is a work of art. Its construction was started by the popular industrialist G.D. Birla. The temple took 4 years to complete. During the construction phase, the temple was known as the Tapovan complex. It was only after the completion of the temple complex that the temple was renamed as the Surya Mandir.




The Sun Temple in Konark is the main inspiring factor for the creation of the Sun Temple in Gwalior. The sculptor of the sun temple is stunning and has a grand chariot and seven horses pulling the chariot. The seven horses are a symbol of the seven days of the week. There are 24 wheels in the chariot that are reflecting the 24 hours of the days. The idols inside the temple are 365 in number that is also a reflection of the number of days in the year.


Best Time to Visit


Gwalior can get a little hot during the summers. To avoid the heat, make sure to visit this beautiful sun temple during the winter months. The months between October and March make the best time. Also, visiting here during the evenings when the evening aartis are taking place can also be a great idea to get enchanted.


How to Reach


Located around 5 kilometers away from the city of Gwalior, the Sun Temple is easily accessible from the city by all means. This temple is in Morar, Gwalior and you can reach here via all means of transportation. As it is near the city Gwalior, all types of local transport like autos, buses, rickshaws, and all others. Gwalior has direct connectivity via rail and air. One can be sure that the person would be able to reach the city. And once you have reached there, you can even book a cab or taxi to reach the Sun Temple.


Nearby Attractions


When you have planned a visit to the Surya Mandir in Gwalior, there are many places that you can visit alongside. Some of these places are Gwalior Fort, Jai Vilas Palace, Gujari Mahal, Man Mandir Palace, Tomb of Tansen, and Teli Ka Mandir. As your visit to the Surya Temple wouldn’t take too long, you can definitely explore all these places to make your trip even more enjoyable.

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