St. Theresa Catholic Church

St. Theresa Catholic Church

  • Kalimpong
  • West Bengal
  • India

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St. Theresa Catholic Church, Kalimpong Overview

Being highly sought-after points of interest, St. Theresa Catho;lic Church is thronged by the wayfarers from all over the world. To make your visit worthwhile, we have compiled some crucial information about its architecture, nearby local places, the restaurants, and much more. So, get ready to be informed…..


Things to Know About St. Theresa Catholic Church:-


This church is built by the local craftsman looks the same as a Bhutanese Ghompa or better known as Bhutanese Monastery. This is made in a Tibetan architectural style and thus seems impressive. The walls are enriched with the amazing painting and inscriptions from the Bible. The doors of this church have symbols of tashi tagye which are the eight symbols of Buddhism.

One can see the beautiful mountain ranges from this church. The St. Theresa Catholic Church Kalimpong is a church that depicts the right Himalayan art forms and architecture. The tourists are allowed to go inside the campus and have a tour. Some people also take picnic lunches to make their visit fun and exciting.


What Are The Places That You Can Visit:-


• Dr Grahams House: This was founded by the person named Reverend John Anderson Graham in the year 1900. This is more than a mere building; it is a living institution, a charity school that was built to educate the children of the workers of the tea estate. These homes stand as a great testimony to the Christian missionary school that is found in India and especially in West Bengal.

The strength of the school is growing every year and now it has around 1500 students and active alumni, who are useful in spreading the importance of literacy and education. A beautiful and idyllic complex is there to welcome you when you enter the place.

Take a stroll inside Grahams home while you breathe in the cool breeze and the great positivity and aura of the little children. Along with the school, the place also has an excellent museum which is dedicated to Graham and his wife Katherine. This museum shows their dedication and determination towards the school.

• The Thongsa Ghumpa: This place was built in the year 1692 and was commissioned by the Bhutan King for his subjects who were mostly Buddhist. The monastery was destroyed by the Gurkhas when they arrived and took over Sikkim but later in the 19th century, this was again restored and was back into form.

Today you can visit and enjoy the religiosity and beauty of the Ghumpa or the monastery where you will get that excellent vibe and positivity. Therefore if you are visiting the St. Theresa Catholic Church Kalimpong, then this Thongsa Ghumpa should be on your list. This is ideally suited for all types of tourists and has no entry fees.

• The Lepcha Museum: This is widely known among the people and was built and dedicated to the indigenous tribe of this particular area. The Lepcha Museum preserves the rich culture and heritage of the tribe and will continue to do so in the future.

The Lepcha are now a minority in Kalimpong and the place is now losing this tribe which is why there is a great need to preserve the culture and heritage of this tribe. This museum will help the future generation to know more about the tribe and to know what was their culture and ways of living.


Where to go for the delectable delicacies:-


What is travel without food? Here are some famous places in Kalimpong where you can visit and have mouth-watering food and local delicacies.


The Kings Thai: Start your food voyage with King Thai. They serve fantastic food that is sure to fill your heart and stomach both at an affordable price. The restaurant has a contemporary design and provides its guests with fantastic food experience.


The Gompus: Do you want to taste the best pork momos? Then head to Gompus. They are very well known for their hot and piping Momos which is different from the stuff that you get in most of the cities and place is known for its best pork momos, and it is quite cheap.

The St. Theresa Catholic Church is open for all. Tourist is allowed almost every day, and one will love to visit this place.

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