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Chitkul, Kinnaur Overview

The Himalayas is one of the oldest mountain range in the world and therefore it hides amongst itself the Hidden gems which are not discovered by a majority of people. One such hidden gem nestled in the Himalayas in the state of Himachal Pradesh is Chitkul. Chitkul is a remote village with a total population of about 900 people.
The village has gained popularity as a major tourist destination in the last decade. Situated about 3,500 metres above the sea level this little village amongst the mighty mountains is recorded to have the cleanest quality of air in the whole country. The serenity and beauty it has to offer are sure to touch your soul in all the positive ways.

Travel Tips

Though this village is a mesmerising place to be yet, here are a few travel tips to help you-
• Chitkul is nestled at the foothills of the Himalayas thus offering a great view of the mighty mountains. With great view comes great temperature as well. Therefore it is always advisable to carry some warm clothes irrespective of the season you are visiting as Chitkul witnesses a quick drop of temperature.
• Keep all your torches and electronic devices charged up as a power cut is a common thing that happens in Chitkul.
• It is advisable for any tourist to get back to their respective accommodations shortly after sunset as the village still beholds the essence of being far away from the hustle-bustle of town and hence has a lack of proper electrical services.
• Try to wake up in the morning before dawn in order to get an amazing sunrise photograph that you can cherish forever.
• Carry on your tracking boots as the surrounding of Chitkul, Kinnaur will make you wonder about here and there.

Things to do

• Absolutely do not forget to catch the beautiful sunrise in Chitkul over mighty mountains.
• The area provides great adventure especially for those who absolutely love trekking. It’s filled with green meadows and hence can also be an excellent choice for those who love camping.
• The river Baspa that flows adjacent to this village has its own beauty and goodwill. The river originates from glaciers and hence you can enjoy the sweet taste of the glacial river.
• As Chitkul is located around 3500m above the sea level it proves out to be the ideal and perfect place for those who enjoy stargazing. The pure and clean air in this village makes it the perfect destination. Sit back and enjoy the various constellations that you do not get a chance to witness in the usual night sky.


Though once upon a time Chitkul was a village in Himachal that didn’t receive almost any tourist all throughout the year. Thanks to the ever-increasing number of wanderlusts, Chitkul has gained the popularity it very much deserves. Availability now has become a major point of concern when you are thinking of visiting this place.
There exist a few homestays and hotels which might get really filled up if not booked in advance. Hence as once you have decided to visit Chitkul, Kinnaur you should immediately book your stay. The peak season witnesses the number of tourists hence its likely that the availability will be scarce.


Located in the district of Kinnaur, the tiny village of Chitkul is highly thronged by the globetrotters. The city has no proper record of history as to when it was formed. Yet the Mathi Temple in this place is debated to be around or over 500 years old.


Mostly dominated by Hindus, Chitkul is a mixture of diversity with culture. The architecture in this village is mostly adopted by the typical pahari architecture. It has a sloping tile roof and wooden floors. Modern architecture has taken over the architecture of Chitkul and hence various cemented houses are now being constructed.


The first major festival of Chitkul takes place in January, which is Sazo. On this day all the Hindu family worships their house deities and offer them fruits and vegetables. Losar is another festival that is another name for welcoming the New Year with folk song and dance.

Popular Culture

The natives of Chitkul Kinnaur, are very warm and welcoming in nature. They have a rich tradition and culture. It includes dance and songs and of course taking care of one another. The most numbered people residing in this destination are Hindus and hence all the Hindu festivals are celebrated with much enthusiasm and excitement.

Best Time to Visit

Place like Chitkul that remains covered in snow almost throughout all the winters the probable best time to visit is during the summer season. Though the temperature remains pretty temperature and cools it still is one of the best times and a huge number of tourists flock over during this time. Rainy season can be a little hectic for a place like Chitkul but autumn and the early winter is yet again and ideal time phase to visit this place.

How to Reach?

The village of Chitkul connects itself to almost all the major roadways of the state of Himachal. You can find very often government buses for private cab services were willing to travel from Shimla to Chitkul or Manali to Chitkul. Apart from roadways you can rely on railways with Dehradun railway station being closest to Chitkul. The closest airport which is easily e connected to the various parts of the country is Chandigarh international airport through which you can take a cab for public transport all the way up to this place.

Interesting facts and Trivia

• During winters when it gets really cold the natives of this village of Himachal generally flock to the lower side of the region due to the immense cold.
• Agriculture and livestock are still one of the most important means of earning for this village.
• It is situated on the border of Tibet and is also considered as the last village of India.

Nearby Attractions

• The Mathi temple situated in the middle of this village is one of the most ideal places to visit in Chitkul, Kinnaur
• Craved in style of Buddhist monastery the Chitkul fort is sure to grab your attention for all the right reasons
• The baspa river has a great thrill alongside which allows the tourist to spend some great time and also take a quick short work.


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