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Ribba, Kinnaur Overview

Kinnaur Valley on the Himachal is growing popularity every day among the tourists, especially those who seek some secluded and offbeat holiday destinations on the hills. Ribba village on the Kinnaur Valley is such a place where travellers are looking forward to visit more and more. This tiny paradise is one of the charmed and enchanting places on the valley which has other popular travel destinations too including chitkul and Sangla. Honestly, there is nothing to argue on the enthralling beauty of this eccentric village that it offers to its tourists.


Ribba, a populous but tiny village on the Kinnaur Valley is situated at an altitude of 3745 meters above the sea level. The village includes ample pine nuts and thus it is also popular with the name ‘Rirang’. Locally, ‘Ri’ means Pine Nut and ‘Rang’ means peak.
This scenic village is dotted with fruit plantations and vineyards, which make it a dream holiday destination for every nature enthusiast. The two most popular things here are grape orchards and alcohols made from grapes. Ribba, Kinnaur is surrounded by a number of popular tourist attractions such as Nichar, Rampur Village, Kalpa and Reckong Peo.

Traveller Tips:

If you are planning a trip to Kinnaur Valley in advance, you must pay a visit here in Ribba. This village remains in the upper half of Kinnaur along with Ropa, Nako and Hangrang which you will get on your way to the Spiti Valley. Don’t worry, the route map will not distract you from visiting the lower half of the Kinnaur Valley which includes Sangla, Kalpa, Sarahan and Chitkul. Your travel plan through the Kinnaur Valley offers comfortable driving through the rough roads of Himachal. So, you can easily drive through here with your family members including the seniors and kids.

Best Time to Visit:

Generally, maximum time of the year, Kinnaur experiences a weather that is almost cool to cold. Even during the summer, cool breeze blows touching the tourists in the morning and evening times. Through the summer temperature here varies between 15-25°Celcius.
Tourists enjoy snowfall here during winter. In fact, through this time, it remains a common phenomenon to walk across the few feet piled up snow here.
During monsoon, i.e. on July – August, the continuous rain becomes a spoilsport as road closures due to landslides is a common incident this time.
So, what is the best time to Visit Ribba, Kinnaur? Winter is very tough here as sometimes snowfall makes everything inaccessible here. But if you avoid the peak winters, you can visit here comfortably rest of the season.
And, also while planning a visit here, you may avoid monsoon. The best time to visit Ribba village is during Autumn, i.e. when the monsoon is just about to leave. This time, apple orchards here are seen with ample apples on them with clear skies on the backdrop.

How to Reach:

By air – Shimla airport is the nearest to Ribba, Kinnaur Valley. It is about 220 km away from the village. If you are moving from Shimla and rather coming here from Manali, you can also opt for Bhuntar airport. It is almost 245 km away from Reckong Peo, kinnaur. However, both the airports are small sized and contain limited connectivity and capacity. Chandigarh airport is another option, which is almost 340 km away.
By rail – Shimla railway station is nearest to Ribba. You may also avail Chandigarh railways to be here.
By bus – you can get direct bus services by HRTC between Chandigarh, Shimla and Reckong Peo. After reaching Reckon Peo, you can easily reach the Ribba village of Kinnaur Valley.

Nearby Attractions:

• Nako
• Llpa- Asrang Sanctuary
• Chitkul
• Rakcham
• Kamru Fort
• Nichar
• Sangla Buddhist Monastery
• Mathi Temple
• Rakcham Chitkul Sanctuary

Ribba Village is one of the most untouched places of Himachal, where tourists must visit to experience a pleasant vacation between the raw natures in its unpolluted form. It makes a perfect family vacation with mesmerising scenic views all around. If you are driving your own through the rough roads, it’s a bit of adventure too.
In one sentence, Ribba is one of those limited places in India about which it can be said that journey is itself makes the destination.


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