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Nichar, Kinnaur Overview

The little town of Nichar is situated in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. This little town is so abandoned why the tourists that it has now gained popularity for its calmness quietness and it welcomes guests and tourist all over the year. This is a village which is situated in between the Wangtu and Taranda regions of Himachal Pradesh.
This is a place which is pretty famous for animals like the Himalayan Black and Red Bears. This beautiful town is on the western banks of the Satlej River and known for the luscious green, rocky terrains amongst others. It is situated about 2100 metres above sea level and has a total population of merely 600 to 700 people in this region.

Travel Tips

These are few travel tips that you can keep in mind whenever you are thinking of visiting Nichar Kinnaur
• It is advisable to carry electronic lighting devices like a torch as this town nestled in Kinnaur often has the habit of losing power. And on top to this problem is the fact that there is thick forest all around you it is always advisable to keep a torch handy.
• This little town has various antelopes and other animals which can be spotted every now and then and therefore it is recommended by the natives of this place not to wander about especially after sunset.
• The temperature here is always mild and hence caring extra-warm clothes especially for this place is not necessary.
• Rain is pretty common in this place and therefore carrying an umbrella will serve you better than not.

Things to do

Though this town has not much to offer because of the lack of population get an amazing place to visit, here are a few things that you can do while you are staying back at this location –
• Wake up to greenery! The town of Nichar is so filled with greenery that's the morning freshness that you are going to get after waking up and coming to your balcony will be like a breath of fresh air right at your doorstep.
• As the town is it discovered much or explored it makes the perfect and ideal thing to go and search for new things along the trail.
• The Sutlej River is around 5 kilometres away from the town taking a walk to and back as a day trip would be a bad experience view as the roads are filled with green and you can cite a few animals as well.


Though the little town of Nichar Kinnaur is not much of a tourist attraction but the budding new explorers finding this little place to perfect getaway they need. Nichar has almost no accommodation options and therefore before finalising your stay here it is recommended to check the availability of the few hotels which are situated in this place. The peak seasons luckily all throughout the year apart from the winter season as the temperature this area is mild and pleasant.


Not many people are quite aware of the history of this place. Yet it is believed that earlier it was just a dense forest situated in the state of Himachal which litter suffered deforestation due to the fact that human inhabitation had to be preceded. That is one of the main reasons why animals like antelopes and Himalayan bears can still be supported in these areas. The most major number of people living here are Hindus.


Modernization has failed to dawn in this town of Himachal Pradesh where people are still a few decades back. Therefore the very old Pahari architecture still persists in this village with tiled roof along with wooden floorings and walls. Yet a few places exist after tourism has boomed in this area where modernisation has peep through. A few houses are now being built with cement and our pakka Ghar instead. Yet wall paintings are a major fascination in the architectural aspect of the people of this town.


Flaich Ukhayang is the most widely celebrated in the town of Nichar Kinnaur. It is also known as the flower festival that takes place in the month of September and October. It is mostly about the people celebrating with music dance and a fair being held somewhere close to the place. Another basic Hindu to festivals like the desshara, Diwali, basant panchami etc is widely celebrated in this town of Nichar.


The people of Nichar Kinnaur are very different from the other is of the state. They live life all by themselves and aren’t much bothered about the happenings of the world. They mostly have their own ways of living and therefore the cultures here is very casual. Yet the dominant religion here is Hinduism and therefore most of the cultures are related to the ethics and traditions of any Hindu dominated village.

Best Time to Visit

The probable best time to visit Nichar is mostly during the summer or spring season. Spring is still a little cool but summer is ideal to visit this place. it is recommended not to visit during rainy season as already it receives quite a good amount of rainfall causing landslides or other issues. autumn again is an amazing time to pay a visit to this little town nestled in the Himalayas. Winters can surely be avoided due to the fact that it snows heavily in this area.

How to reach?

The nearest airport to visit this place will be Shimla or Chandigarh airport from which we can find any government buses that will take you directly to nature for personal cabs. The nearest railway station is Dehra Dun from where reaching Nichar is a cakewalk.

Interesting Facts and Trivia

• People in Nichar are in sync with nature in such a way that they always tend to give back at them.
• They grow their own vegetables around the foothills of this region.
• They have solar light panels which mostly provides their electric supply

Nearby Attractions

• The Tranda Maa Mandir is situated off the main road in Nichar and is a tourist favourite
• Maheshwar temple has an architectural design exactly like the pahari monasteries and is surrounded by green gardens which will lighten up your mood
• The Nathpa Dam off the Sutlej River is also considered as a major architectural delight in Nichar Kinnaur.


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