Shinjuku Gyoen

Shinjuku Gyoen

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Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo Overview

Shinjuku Gyoen is a large park located in Tokyo, Japan. If one traces the pages of history, it can be found that the park was resided by Naito family in the Edo period. The Imperial Household Agency of Japan converted the park into a splendid garden. Lately Shinjuku Gyoen in Tokyo comes under the jurisdiction of the national Ministry of the Environment.



  • The garden stretches upto an area of 58.3 hectares.
  • It has a circumference of 3.5 km.
  • It is expounded by three different styles. These are Japanese traditional in south, and English Landscape & French Formal in north.
    The garden also has a traditional Japanese tea house.
  • It is also known for its hanami spot also referred by many as cherry-blossom viewing spot.
  • The garden is home to as many as 20,000 trees. Out of which 1,500 are cherry trees.
  • The various other trees found in the park are tulip trees, Himalayan cedars, cypresses and plane trees.
  • The greenhouse, which was built in the park in as early as 1950s, is haven to 1,700 tropical and subtropical plant species.

There are three gates that allow entry into the garden. The garden is kept closed for public on Mondays. But during blossom and chrysanthemum seasons the garden stays open on Mondays too.

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